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JGartner JGartner

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 It's a whole nother world out there!

spoon73 spoon73

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Went to Hawaii in June 2012. Beautiful place, great beaches and sightseeing. Wife loved the shopping. Not there for long enough... Photo is of Waikiki beach in Honolulu with Diamond Head Crater in the background.

Mikah C Mikah C

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 Hula Conference with my lovely Hula Sisters (Duke Kahanamoku Statue)

WorldTraveler777 WorldTraveler777

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Went to Honolulu what an amazing experience!!  

Valkilik Valkilik

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During the summer, my wife and I went to stay on the island of Oahu. We were there for 10 days before coming back to South Dakota.


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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Feb 1993: Maui, Oahu, Big Island Jul 2005: Kauai Jul 2007: Oahu, Big Island


emzy.walk emzy.walk

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It was so warm!! i went last year in 2015 with my mum, brother, and step dad and step siblings. It was really beautiful. We surfed, snorkeled, swam with massive sea turtles, and tons more really cool things. The food was really good, it was my first time in the states and there were so many friendly locals (and tourists). I would really like to go again some day!


AzEcoChic AzEcoChic

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This was a completely amazing and awe-inspiring trip! First, I had the opportunity to hang with one of the most beautiful people I know! Second, I got to 'hang' in Honolulu!! And third, and this was amazing...I proudly got to speak to the members of the men and women of our Armed Forces about the affects of suicide, specifically to those who are the survivors of those who have committed suicide, like me.

It was epic and life-changing, an experience I am forever grateful for and will never, ever forget.

Lex21 Lex21

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I visited Oahu and stayed in Waikiki. The highlight of the trip was visiting the North Shore, the waves were breathtaking! It wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be, but still an adventure nonetheless.

Kaylacathlynn Kaylacathlynn

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Was the most beautiful place I've ever visited. Anyone who hasn't been must go! The people are very courteous and the beaches and weather are perfect. We went to Oahu and Maui and in Oahu we went to Honolulu. Honolulu is impossible to describe, for it was utterly enchanting to see :)

smcmanaway smcmanaway

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August 2010

marisol.escamilla marisol.escamilla

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(REVERSE Bucket List:Things I've Done) Won a trip to Hawaii from a radio station back in December 1993. I took my mom with me. Here's a picture of us on Waikiki Beach and some pics at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

drita drita

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What an amazing island... i really hope i can return here one day, cause 6 days were way too little to spend here, although i feel so blessed i could have a taste of the atmosphere, i love it! :)

JZavala04 JZavala04

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It is the first of many beautiful experiences. 

sasa4 sasa4

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Beautiful Island and culture., stunning nature! It's so worth it! Can't wait to come back to Hawai'i one day soon. 


jmedios89 jmedios89

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A trip to remember with close friends that made it sooooo worth it. I love my friends and my boyfriend. Such a beautiful place on Earth! Must go back soon!


JackiejoT JackiejoT

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I had the amazing opportunity to take a trip to Hawaii to visit my sister Jami and sadly say goodbye. She has terminal Brain Cancer and she had decided to take an extended vacation with her family then decided to stay until she transitions. It was an amazing but sad time!!

nicbeach1 nicbeach1

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 It was the best family vacation ever!

Montivagant Montivagant

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 November 2015 - Waikiki

Clarissa_hays Clarissa_hays

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i highly reccomend it! super fun clear water im in love with all of the culture there!!!



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