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talyn77 talyn77

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 Nothing like traveling all night and the sun never sets. Messes with your mind. :) Not my photo

lynne_docherty1983 lynne_docherty1983

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AMAZING! I want to go back :)

ellenmanus ellenmanus

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Air Fares are cheap - so why not spend a few days in Iceland?  I heard it is beautiful!


minnakin minnakin

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 A week of photography with Creative Adventures

Linda-Star Linda-Star

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 Travelled around with a rented car to check out Iceland. Awesome country ( even if slightly cold even in summer time)

Kamagna Kamagna

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 Visit Iceland, specifically Reykjavík and the Blue Lagoon Spa

Mamba Mamba

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Plane ticket is booked! Going to Reykjavik in December :)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iceland was fantastic!! The landscapes are breathtaking, and Reykjavik is a fun little town with plenty of stuff to do. One downside is the prices (Iceland is reallly expensive). I went to several towns hoping to see the northern lights, but no luck sadly :( I really truly recommended Iceland as a vacation destination, no matter if you go alone or with someone!

travelling wilbery travelling wilbery

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 A Weekend visit to Iceland

michellatrix.lesam michellatrix.lesam

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 Went for our honeymoon back in October! Best trip of my life thus far! We stayed in Reykjavik for 3 nights, then stayed in a cabin in 7 nights. Surprisingly 10 days was nowhere near enough! We’re going back!

camkins88 camkins88

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I first visited Iceland by myself a few months before Jimmy and I had even started speaking. I stayed in Reykjavik for 4 days for my birthday. The year after, Jimmy and I spent 5 days in Iceland for our birthdays. We stayed in Akranes and visited most of the south. We plan to go back one day to explore the north.

abhie19 abhie19

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It's the most beautiful country in the world. I want to see it. So, I finally got to visit the country of Ice and Fire - Iceland. I could say it was magical, magnificent, amazing or awesome but no one word captures the beauty and experience of this country. The nature runs the show here, and anything even closely human, is overshadowed by the epicness of nature and it's creation. Each road you take has an epic background. It's like the country is the nature's canvas. From frozen lakes, mountains, northern lights, hotdogs, winding roads, waterfalls, wood cabins, fjords, whales and the vast ocean backdrops. There's still so much left to discover but these two weeks have been a total blessing. Looking forward to experience this magic in summer.


tyworld tyworld

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Iceland 1/2 first day. A beautiful winter wonderland! Sunrise at 11 AM and is already setting.

Day 2 in Iceland included an incredible soak in the Blue Lagoon, world famous lobster soup, icelandic hot dog, pyrotechnic cocktails and a walk through Reykjavik streets and shops.

Day 4 in Iceland included rolling through the southern coast. We weathered Seljalandsfoss waterfall, visited Skogar Folk museum, climbed a zillion steps to the top of Skógafoss waterfall, tried to see Eyjafjallajökull volcano (that flipped its lid in 2010), ate puffin (cute AND delicious), paid money to use the toilet, and walked along the fierce and fascinating black sand beach - Reynisfjara. The weather changed quickly from snow to biting wind to sideways sleet to sun and back through it all again. Heading home in the morning. 

MicVicMoo MicVicMoo

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I'm in Iceland now for the second time. I've always wanted to be here, and to come back for another time is amazing. There's so much to do here, everyone should visit.

Aileen1969 Aileen1969

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 Had an amazing trip to Iceland - 26/03/15 - 29/03/15

Jen86 Jen86

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What an incredibly beautiful and wild country! So much to see but so little time and money! I think to get the best out of the experience we would have needed a car (and a much bigger bank balance) but I loved what I saw and hope to go back again soon.


Kelsy81 Kelsy81

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Beautiful country. Highly recommend 


Orjan_M Orjan_M

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Went to Iceland with my family in june 2015. We went to the Blue Lagoon straight from the airport, very relaxing and peaceful. During our stay we also covered the geiysurs, some waterfalls and rafting och the Hvita river.

Mashira Mashira

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Done! Such a beautiful country, lovely people and what a spiritual experience


MBrunt MBrunt

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Probably go to Iceland at the end of april.

First step: make a good holiday plan (done)

Second step: take time of work (done)

Third step: book the vacation (done)

Fourth step: ready set go. YEAH!. Beautiful country, it was a lifetime experience :)


denobiligiulia denobiligiulia

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Went to Iceland with my family on our motorhome. It was simply the most amazing experience of my life! I swam in the Askjia crater where you could hear the volcano bubbling underneath you, I stood under the geyser to get soaked by its hot water, I watched the whales in Akureiri, I sailed through the icebergs in Vik, I walked along the line that divides the European tectonic plaque from the American one!

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