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 March 2015

natasha.bubble natasha.bubble

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Went with my best friend for my birthday for the weekend in June 2015 


gottagiidfeelimnf gottagiidfeelimnf

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I live in Ireland

gabesphotography gabesphotography

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 Went on a 5 day vacation in Ireland, the picture was taken during a boat trip along the Cliffs of Mohr on the west coast of Ireland.

shamrock317 shamrock317

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May 2010 - My fiance and I traveled to Dublin and stayed at a cute little boutique hotel called the Dylan.  The staff there were wonderful.   We immersed ourselves in the city, doing some of the touristy things like visiting the Guiness factory, the Jameson factory, and St. Patrick's Cathedral.   The museums are beautiful.   My only regret is that we only had one day out in the countryside.


fredrikhenriksen fredrikhenriksen

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 The funny thing is, I've been to Ireland twice. The first time was for a wedding, 17 years ago. The second was a few months ago, also for a wedding!

Debi Debi

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Went to Belfast for a Tinie Tempah concert and ended up meeting the man himself! Amazing place and even better accent. Can't wait to go back!

casefacekilla2 casefacekilla2

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Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, the Cliffs of Moher.. we did it all!  The guinness is definitely better over there ;) Oh yeah, and we did a pub crawl and ate cheeseburgers at 5am.


ovosebacon ovosebacon

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Not only visiting but living in it 

BlueMarble BlueMarble

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terrible weather, terrible pepople, heavy diet.

some nice views but mostly overrated.

good for a trip. hate living here 

ad.pokorna ad.pokorna

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 I was there studying on language school. It was my fist time I travel completely alone which was amazing experience. I met many wonderful people (local or international studies) and enjoyed Ireland with every single breath. 

Shannon123 Shannon123

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Loved it. People friendly, bars entertaining, and scenery fabulous. will return!


Adeeel Adeeel

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 English Course, three weeks in Dublin, June-July 2017

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Traveled to Dublin in 2012 to compete in the World Junior U20s Ultimate Frisbee Tournament! I was a captain and it was an amazing week!


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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August 2001: Trip w/Matt Sept 2008: Trip w/Family


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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I've been to Dublin and parts of northwestern Ireland, it was really fun and awesome experience and I got to see a lot of interesting sights.

Mollie23 Mollie23

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Went on a weekend trip with my dad to see Pvris preform live in Antwerp. Seeing them live was probably the best thing I've ever experienced, the passion and power they bring to every preformance is breathtaking and I wouldn't change the experience for anything, I also got to meet them after the show and I got their autographs and a picture taken with them. It was really the best day ever!!

emma.beynon08 emma.beynon08

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Spent 3 weeks in Ireland, sightseeing and visiting family. Beautiful place!

wednesdays wednesdays

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Having lived in England and Wales, and at least visited Scotland, it seemed remiss to have never crossed the water to visit our other Celtic neighbour: Ireland. Therefore, joined by the lovely Lexi, I flew across to stay with fellow LARPer Hugh, who lives in Dublin, for a long weekend. From 16th-19th January, we drank and explored and enjoyed the city with friends... and afterwards, Lexi wrote a most entertaining summary, which is worth reading and remembering what a fun time we had:

"Once upon a time a remark was made on Facebook about visiting Ireland. However Lexi had no one to go with until Wednesday promised to be her responsible adult and accompany her on such a trip. A nice English man living in Dublin offered to be their guide and share his home with them. The English ladies accepted, much plotted ensued. Within 2 weeks the date, duration and destination were all set. Flights had been booked, transport arranged, time off work booked and people warned of such a visit. More people offered to visit the lovely English ladies during their stay, Bren said he would be their Garda, Sue, Fergal and Brian would come and visit. Happiness, plotting and excitement ensued. On the Wednesday night Lexi returned home from work, frantically tidied up, fed Mr Tigger so he would forgive his human for leaving him for days on end and ran for the train which would take her safely to Nottingham then to Cheltenham where :ady Wednesday awaited her arrival with excitement. They took shelter for the night at Wednesdays abode with much laughter, plotting, checking in and chatting to nice Englishman Hugh who was yet to prove he was an authentic Irish man. Transport had been arranged by Lady Wednesday for getting to the quiet and calm Bristol airport on time for the flight where the fun really began. Before the ladies knew it they were at the airport, through security (Bren had failed to prevent them getting thus far) and were climbing the steps to the plane. Seats were found, bags were stowed. Giggling and smiling was much in evidence as the plane took to the air and the sights were splendid. The flight felt like 10 minutes to the excited ladies but was in reality more like an hour. Once again the ladies made it through security (Bren had failed again even more so in his own country) and were soon on the coach to Dublin to amb...await Hugh at the splendid college. However much time passed until he was eventually located after going to the wrong entrance to the college. All saw the funny side to this. Hugs and fun were had. The decision had been made to go to the abode of Hugh and risk and encounter with the lions also known and Maine Coon cats called Orlaith and Fionn. They walked through the city easily distracted by the sights and sounds en route. In particular the traffic light sounds which they could not at that point decide if it sounded like Pac Man, Stark trek lasers or Laser Quest. They safely arrived at the house to be greeted by said cats 'lions' who strangely ran away. This alerted the ladies to the fact that they were ninja cats and not to be entirely trusted. Such perceptive was proven right during their stay. After bags had been stowed and drinks had been had, the 3 decided that a night in was in order, Hugh had an exam the next morning. So a few drinks, good food and games was plotted. They were shown the shops to buy snacks from using what looked very much like Monopoly money. Snacks, red wine (which Lady Lexi is convinced Hugh or the lions spiked with sugar) were purchased. Food was ordered. A new game never before played by Lady Lexi was started, this was called Flux. Wine was opened, laughter ensued after a sip of the red wine (spiked), Lady Lexi was hyper and giggly. Lady Wednesday was also giggly. Food arrived to sober them up. The 3 plotted and decided more games were required. Mr lardner went hunting such games in another's home. The Lions proved their cunning an ninja skills during this time by causing mayhem to the unsuspecting English ladies shock. The plot was to frame said ladies. Fionn it was discovered was braun and Orlaith was brains. What she said he appeared to do. Be warned humans, cats do not need opposable thumbs to type...that is right. The ladies witnessed them using Facebook and typing, they are apparently more Irish then their human pet Hugh. Mr Lardner returned to discover such Facebook hacked by Fionn, Orlaith it seemed during the ladies checking on luggage and trips to the bathroom had tied Mr Lardners chair to the table with string, however they were not so cunning Orlaith could not resist playing with the taut string. The booby trap (or non booby trap at their human said) was harmless but caused suspicious looks to fall on the ladies who wonder what else the cats got up to that has not been realised. Laughter and giggling ensued. Only 1 bottle of a lovely Chilean red wine had been consumed along with some chocolate, although the ladies both agreed that it was no different in Ireland to that in the UK. Cards against Humanity was the next game to be played, all fought well to win however Lady Lexi seemed to have the luck with the cards and won the games. Irish Chris arrived as another bottle of wine was opened, the man spoke like a true Irish man. The ladies were impressed with this. A new game was started, it was discovered these 4 lovely people all thought in a similar way as answers given were similar. The night ended with laughter, the ladies worn out from travel, Mr Lardner needed to rest for a very important exam the next morning. Chris returned to his humble abode but said he would be out the next night for what the Irish call 'a drink'. A spare key was granted to the ladies who went to bed plotting for the morning hours where they had been allowed to wander around Dublin with no ground rules given. Now the Lions had struck again. The ladies had to admire them, they had it seem places objects in the pets bed. Rascals! Although very cute ones. The very next morning the ladies woke to Mr Lardners alarm, smiled but decided the bed was far too comfortable to be left yet and they could make plans once Mr Lardner had left the house. They awaited the sound of the door being unlocked, shutting then locked considerately. Both arose, dressed and warily made their way down the stairs, cautious of the Lion inhabitants who watched the ladies descent. Drink were discovered, plans to walk into Dublin centre were made by the ladies who had only walked from it once. There was much excitement, the day was young and sunny. The ladies left the house hoping the Lions would behave after all Bren had wrongly rung Mr Lardner the previous night assuming the ladies were to blame, the Lions were winning. They looked for landmarks they recognised on the journey, pictured were taken of the churches and grounds, the park was noted with much excitement. The ladies continued on, laughing each time they had to cross the road where traffic lights were. The sounds funny and not something in the UK. Such sound had to be recorded for proof it existed here. The lamp posts near the town centre were pretty, the post boxes green not red. The ladies smiled and took pictures of this and any unusual signs they encountered. They made is successfully as a team, the ladies had tracking and navigational skills. Their hearing always able to pick out the best Irish accents. Window shopping was in order, many shops were visited, the ladies knew there way around now having scouted for a good hour. Tea and cake was in order on such a fine day. A lovely little cafe was located, cake was had, although the waitress was quite grumpy and not even Irish to make up for such appalling manners. Having had refreshments, it was decided that a walk in the park seemed like a nice idea, it seemed like a lovely place to take pictures until Mr Lardner would be out of his exam. The park was lovely, pictures were taken, many pictures. It was peaceful and quiet unlike the noise from the city centre. Much laughter ensued at Lady Lexi being easily distracted by such pretty sightings, idea were suggested Lady Wednesday agreed. It would soon be time to be Mr Lardner at the college. Lady Lexi showed her skills at spotting people, Brian had been spotted, hugs and a quick conversation ensued regarding Friday night. On the way to the college the ladies made a remarkable discovery, there was a Leprechaun, they had not been seeing, only wait, there were two. Neither recalled seeing the second earlier and had to get evidence. Pictures were taken, however they were not at the end of a rainbow with pots of gold. The ladies seem perplexed and were warned Leprechauns were not to be trusted. So they moved on to the college to await the English man. They met at the main entrance and decided by now that as no real breakfast had been eaten and it was lunch time a pub meal and drink were order. Of course also to celebrate Mr Lardner completing his last exam. A nice cosy pub with a fire, warm food and nice drinks was discovered. O'Neills was it's name. A table was located, the 3 sat down happy. Food was soon ordered, Lady Lexi had not been warned about the size of the meals. Nachos in the UK were not a meal on their own, however the challenge was there to eat as much as possible of this and then the meal that had been ordered. All 3 sat chatting quietly after such a meal (in Lady Lexi's case meals). Lady Wednesday was tired, nothing a cat nap would not fix. The journey back to the house was by bus. Lady Wednesday went for a cat nap. It was at this point after coats had been removed that Mr Lardner made a fatal mistake. He decided to try to be top cat over Lady Lexi. The play fight ensued, laughter ensued. After minutes he was defeated by the cunning, guile and strength (although she did not look so strong he said) of Lady Lexi who rejoiced. He had been outstared already the previous evening. Mr Lardner was then crafty and decided that the rule if you lick it you own it applied, he thought upon this he had won by licking Lady Lexi on the face. The Lions it appeared had moved pictures. ascals! Only to be defeated once Lady Wednesday was awake. He was now owned by Lady Wednesday and defeated by Lady Lexi. Pictures were taken of said Lions and conversations were had. Plans were made to fetch alcohol from the shop over the road when the owner was a charming and most helpful fellow. Knowing the ladies were not sure of the coins here he helped them spend it and advised alcohol. Snacks and breakfast ingredients were purchased. Relaxing back at Mr Lardners wine Cheeky Vimto (WKD blue and Port was concocted by Lady Wednesday) as the other 2 eyed it suspiciously, sniffed it then braved it. It actually tasted like Vimto. The 2 drank most of a pint glass however Lady Lexi was weary of mixing drinks with drinks in the pub at 8pm. Cider was the drink of the night for her. Half 7 soon came, the 3 set off on the journey into town very excited in anticipation of the night ahead. They were meeting Brian, Fergal, Chris, Eoin (both friends of Mr Lardners but Eoin wanted to be set on fire) perhaps Sue and maybe Bren. The sounds of the lights amused the ladies yet again as did the comical signs discovered en route. 'Slow children playing' highlighted how important punctuation was as Lady Lexi pointed out the Irish have some strange warnings, tell the children to play quickly instead! They arrived at the Porter House as suggested by Brian. People had gathered, Brian introduced his work colleagues, some American, some Polish, another British fellow rather hyper and excitable and his lovely wife Karen. The ladies were perplexed why was Dublin full of Americans?! Lady Lexi surmised it was Lady Wednesday giving them too much warning to leave. They all sat down to much laughter and conversation. Drinks were purchased. Fergal arrived shortly after looking very suave after work. Lady Wednesday decided he looked to formal and would try to make him feel more comfortable by trying to get him to remove his tie or jacket, however this man was it appeared a wizard. He had all the answers, despite her cunning, charm, guile and sweet smiles he could not be persuaded. Lady Lexi watched this with hilarity betting with Brian that Fergal would win this. A band started to play, they were phenomenal. Neither of the ladies could recall their name. More drinks were bought, Mr Lardner and Lady Wednesday were getting drunk. Eoin arrived, what a lovely chap he seemed to be. Brian sat in his knee, the Irish it seems do things differently. Lady Lexi was pacing herself, she had sugar to consume back at the humble abode. A variety of shots were purchased, one sounded disgusting Lady Lexi ended up wearing this due to Lady Wednesday being clumsy. Both giggled. The night crept on, conversations were had. Lady Wednesday decided Lady Lexi and Mr Lardner made good seats, both smiled at this. Plus points to both. Another shot was purchased by the Polish gentleman. This was the final straw for Lady Wednesday. Mixing drinks never ended well. I was decided to leave the pub, a pizza place was spotted, they sold pizza by slices, enormous slices. Lady Lexi smiled, this was her kind of pizza place, food was ordered and mostly consumed. Chris who had arrived late and Eoin joined them for pizza. After pizza Lady Lexi and Mr Lardner were refreshed, they escorted Lady Wednesday safely home where bed and water were in order. Both ensured she was fine. Lady Lexi ensured she was asleep before going to sleep herself. The morning arrived, it was raining, a lazy morning was in order after the night out. Mr Lardner had discovered no more tricks from the Lions. The ladies arose, Lady Wednesday was much better. Breakfast was kindly cooked by the lovely English gentleman. Lady Lexi it was discovered had a big food appetite but not a big drinking appetite. Breakfast and drinks were made, all 3 consumed it hungrily. Lady Wednesday went for a shower, Fionn Lion was entertaining by playing in the water in the sink, Lady Lexi too pictures to prove this. Lady Wednesday was now much refreshed and ready for the plotted day ahead. Mr Lardner went for a shower. It was now that the Lions made another move. Another typing session on Facebook. The ladies were astonished. Of course the Lions would be implicating the ladies again. The pet appeared, seeming to know something had happened, the ladies giggles, well what else should they do, the Lions were clearly winning here. Mr Lardner sighed and smiled. The Lions implications were working. They waited in until lunch time, then ventured out wen the rain had lessened. The plan was to go shopping for the goods scouted the previous day, go to the Library to see the Book of Kells, the Museum and meet the lovely Irish Fergal. They visited the Long Library, he ladies loved it, if only they had a library like that. Pictures and videos were taken, Mr Lardner would be in trouble if Lady Wednesday saw said pictures with her in. Lady Lexi laughed. They then got a tour of the college, pretty building, Lady Lexi took pictures. Her new phone proving how good it was. They walked to meet Fergal at the museum. Laughter and conversation was had wandering around the museum. It was a warren! Much bigger than is appeared to be. Full of interesting things. Lady Lexi particularly liked the weaponry, armour, stone work, pottery, mini buildings, colouring in they let you do and especially the wonderful touch screen information machines. These kept Lady Lexi amused for at least 10 minutes! The others thought this highly amusing. It had now been hours since breakfast, Lady Wednesday remarked on food, Lady Lexi agreed for she was ravenous. Lady Wednesday agreed she did indeed look pale and needed food. Mr Lardner suggested the museum cafe however Lady Lexi wanted different food. Fergal and Mr Lardner escorted the ladies to Wagamama, Japanese food. Lady Lexi was happy with this idea. Noodles and chicken and veg, tea and water were consumed by Lady Lexi before the others despite her food being the last to arrive. Her brains started to work again and energy was restored to Lady Lex who could not function to ask where her tea was before food. Lady Wednesday however looked after her and asked instead. All had some rather yummy looking noodle dishes. The ladies said they would like to get shopping and it would not take long as they had scouted out the day before. The gentleman could not fathom where the one shop was however the ladies showed their skills and found a shop they were not aware existed. Gifts were purchased for the British relatives and friends back in the UK. Fergal decided he would pop home but be round later the the night in. The 3 decided to find a pub so Lady lexi could keep her promise and try the renowned drink called Guinness. She was not looking forward to that. The responsible adult said it was fine. They located O'Neills. a Pint of Guinness was purchased for all but Lady Wednesday who was ensuring Lady Lexi had at least half a pint by buying the Guinness. Lady Lexi tried the drink, it was bitter (she never drank ales, lagers and bitters) . She however was determined and strong willed. She drank half the pint then gave the rest to Mr Lardner who drank the rest obviously trying to prove he was Irish. Now the ladies realised they had not bought cake and wanted to buy cakes to celebrate the lovely mans last exam. Now the hunt began! They left the pub, now something strange happens when you give Lady lexi Guinness, it send her hyper. Apparently this never happens to anyone else, all were amused the others more so. Lady lexi had not consumed any sugar that day, how strange Guinness did this! They tried half a dozen shops for cake, Dublin it seemed was not good for cake selections. They persevered. Eventually they located a shop with lovely cakes, Lady Lexi was even more hyper now. The walk home was fun. Lady Wednesday and Mr Lardner spotted a balloon van which apparently states 'blow Barry blow on the side'. Lady Lexi was amused after they said it was her fault, but she had not witnessed this on the van and was too busy being easily distracted after Guinness. They returned back to the humble abode to find Bren waiting, both ladies now believed he was right and did sneak into Mr Lardners house frequently. Snacks, cakes, drinks were ready for people to arrive for the night in. All watched the Lions carefully. Brian and Karen arrived, then Fergal. It was a house full, full of laughter and conversation. Bren it appeared had much to say, the ladies listened, after all he did have the best accent and was deemed the most Irish out of all there. No one got drunk although lots of cake, sugar and snacks were consumes. A fabulous night was had by all. Fergal it appeared was a dark horse after all, the ladies should have known, watch the quiet ones. It wasn't a late night, the ladies had to be up to return to the UK the next day. Preparation had to be made. People said goodbye and left. The Lions it appeared had done nothing with so many people around to watch them. All slept well that night. The next morning seemed nice again. Orlaith decided Lady Lexi was hers now and pinned her to the bed for cuddles, Lady Wednesday was amused. They both laughed, Mr Lardner awoke to giggling ladies next door again. Breakfast was made by Mr Lardner again, plans were made. Plotting for another trip happened as they waited for 11am to arrive to start the journey back home for the ladies. Bren had proven the previous evening that Mr Lardner knew nothing about cakes, cake shops or the city he lived in. The ladies had not made it to the Guinness Brewery, Leprechaun museum or played on the park. These would be for trip 2. They walked into town, bags packed, ready for the journey home. More amusement was had at the signs and traffic light noises. The ladies arrived at the bus stop to find luck was on their side, a taxi pulled up with a passenger already going to the airport who would share. How kind they were here. The ladies accepted the offer of the taxi for the same price as the bus. The driver was friendly and comical and sounded very Irish as did the passenger in the front. Conversations were interesting. The ladies arrived at the airport with plenty of time for a drink and cake. Refreshments were had, they braved security not knowing what Bren may set up. They passed through security easily. Before they knew it they were on the plane watching it take off. The world a beautiful place from the plane, the sun was shining. Lady Wednesday had a cat nap, Lady Lexi watched the view from the window. Before they knew it they were back at Bristol and being driven to the train station. Lady Lexi had 3 hours yet to travel by train. Her and Lady Wednesday parted with laughter, smiles and hugs. Another trip was being plotted already. The train journey took time, but Lady Lexi had music to listen to and her phone to look at the pictures. Lady Lexi decided to snooze on the journey to Derby from Cheltenham. Before she knew it she was at Derby and on the next train. By 9pm she was safely home. How the day had flown. The end, they lived happily ever after until people read this story. :P"  

kateokeepsdreaming kateokeepsdreaming

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Been three times in three years - my husband and I just can't stay away! My husband's dad is from Ireland and consequently there's always somewhere for us to stay in many of the counties. Don't spend too much time in Dublin, make sure you get to a little town called Doolin, see the Cliffs of Moher, have as many Irish Breakfasts as possible, and stop into local pubs whenever possible. The locals are the best! 

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