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cdbyron16 cdbyron16

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I always wanted to go to Jamaica and it was just amazing as I pictured.

WanderlustingFoodie WanderlustingFoodie

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 It was an amazing trip!  Of course, too short but it was fun.

amy.morgan.1848 amy.morgan.1848

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 Mom and I got to go to Jamaica in May 2014.  The island was beautiful.  We had a hard time finding Jerk Chicken, which really shocked us.  We weren't impressed with the hotel.  I've heard of other hotels that offer more flexibilty in leaving the resort.  I would like to go back and try that again!

RadiantKayleigh RadiantKayleigh

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Twice i've been to Jamaica and loved it. A terrific holiday with fabulous excursions, including Blue Mountain biking, the Dunne's River falls, river tubing and riding a zip wire.


emwhitty emwhitty

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I had the opportunity to go to Jamaica in elementary school with my family and some family friends. This was my first BIG vacation and I was super excited. We stayed in Montego, Bay and the people were super nice there! We went on two different excursions; ziplining and river rafting.  

tritchie tritchie

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Enjoyed staying in Montego Bay with family!


NEL523 NEL523

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Climbed Dunn's River Falls


donna.romero.7393 donna.romero.7393

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Visited - Negril

Snorkeled for the first time and went to Rick's Cafe!!

poema.jones poema.jones

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Go to a dancehall party Eat legit jerk chicken Visit bob marleys house Check out marleys coffee Visit a nyabinghy gathering Marry one of the marley boys

amy93travel amy93travel

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Trip when younger with family

extrmkevin extrmkevin

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Favorite Caribbean island...


Steisel Steisel

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Honeymooned in Ocho Rios

ami_yourgal ami_yourgal

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Visit dunns falls. Total paradise.

linda40 linda40

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Swim in Montego Bay, drink Jamaican rum, have a Red Stripe, have real Jamaican jerk chicken, enjoy a drink in a pool bar

anickerson anickerson

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Completed: June, 2008

Everyone who goes should climb Dunns Fall

cneima cneima

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Home of Cool Runnings & the rasta culture!

Visited Montego Bay, Jamaica from April 25th- May 1st 2012.


Mr.Elle Mr.Elle

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I have been to Jamaica twice... Both on cruises with my cousins. To be honest, it is not my favorite place in the world. It is gorgeous, the water is crystal clear. But the people there are in so much need it breaks my heart. (This picture is not my own)

nicolejesch nicolejesch

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It was beautiful, we stayed at a resort and then did some excursions outside of the resort.

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