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Bratoski Bratoski

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11 days of never ending walk.

Every place here is sugoi (amazing) !!

2 Days - Osaka

2 Days - Kyoto

2 Days - Tokyo

1 Day - Hakone / Lake Ashi

1 Day - Tokyo

3 Days - Osaka

Can't wait to go back here, not yet done visiting all other beautiful places.

Will post for each bucketlist on each day. Soon. :)

woody58 woody58

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All expenses paid holiday to Japan. Stayed in Tokyo city and visited many of the cities highlights. Love this city and the people in general. Lots of very ancient sites to visit, lovely in Spring with cherry blossom season and all that goes with that. Arigato.. 

NLscoutGirl NLscoutGirl

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Best time of my life. It was at the World scout Jamboree 2015 and I made lots of friends <3

gabbyquattrone gabbyquattrone

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During my three month study abroad, I've been to Kyoto, Osaka, Chiba, and Tokyo. I still want to see more of Japan someday!

Mamba Mamba

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Plane ticket is booked! Going in july, can't wait!!


I've spent an amazing two weeks in Tokyo! Amazing culture, food and people - all worth visiting for. Japan has an amazing night life with clubs, pubs and bars and arcades. I totally recommend going to Japan at least once in your life just for the experience!

Megan_EB Megan_EB

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 Tokyo! What more can I say! 

Balum Balum

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Had a wonderful time in Japan with my boyfriend. We went to Tokyo and Kyoto for 9 days and caught the cherry blossoms. Beautiful. Must revisit some day!

dnghia72052 dnghia72052

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 Một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời. Một đất nước mà bạn nhất định phải đến trong đời

luisabergmann luisabergmann

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I've lived there for more than a year now...I guess I can consider it done. Ahah

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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First foreign country I ever visited... got me hooked on travel!

Mazinger Mazinger

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best this happened in my life 


Beccabetts Beccabetts

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Visited Tokyo in March 2017 

theadventuredude theadventuredude

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Love experiencing different cultures! Ate awesome food (lots of sushi) and experienced so many new things.

blaxican23 blaxican23

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Travel to Japan and visit different prefectures. 


Minilinz Minilinz

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 worked there for 2 weeks. was awesome.

jeff.a.rojas jeff.a.rojas

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I have a deep respect and admiration for the Japanese culture. It is by far the most humble, grateful, and respectful place that I have ever been to. I've learned so many great things in my short time here. I look forward to implementing in my own life. 🇯🇵


reckoner27 reckoner27

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 My step father had a Judo competition over there and my mother and me went with him. I was 12 years old at the time and this is definitely the travel that left the biggest impression on me. Everything was different, interesting, incredible, etc. In only 10 days we visited Tokyo and Kyoto and it is a new goal of me to visit Japan again!

kimbapx kimbapx

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One of the first places I ever travelled to years ago


ladydes ladydes

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Me, mom, bro and nephew saw Mt. Fuji in Japan on a tour bus. It had snow and we ate a meal. Nephew threw some snow on Nana. Tour guide wouldn't stop talking about the difference of life as a woman or man in Japan. Saw one hello kitty store. Otherwise is was just mist at a Shinto Temple.


micool52 micool52

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February 2007 school trip!!!

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka (Onsen)

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