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blaxican23 blaxican23

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Travel to Japan and visit different prefectures. 


Minilinz Minilinz

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 worked there for 2 weeks. was awesome.

kna86 kna86

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I went to Tokyo, Japan this summer. It was a amazing experience and i would love to live there one day. I cant wait to visit again! Thank you Tokyo!

baederp baederp

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 Toyko to Nara to Kobe to Osaka to Kyoto to Tokyo.

kimbapx kimbapx

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One of the first places I ever travelled to years ago


MeganSim MeganSim

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Great Food, Great People, Great Environment, Great Everything 

Balum Balum

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Had a wonderful time in Japan with my boyfriend. We went to Tokyo and Kyoto for 9 days and caught the cherry blossoms. Beautiful. Must revisit some day!

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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First foreign country I ever visited... got me hooked on travel!

ladydes ladydes

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Me, mom, bro and nephew saw Mt. Fuji in Japan on a tour bus. It had snow and we ate a meal. Nephew threw some snow on Nana. Tour guide wouldn't stop talking about the difference of life as a woman or man in Japan. Saw one hello kitty store. Otherwise is was just mist at a Shinto Temple.


bowbowbunni bowbowbunni

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A beautiful experience~

marynn93 marynn93

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A planned trip with Melissa.


SarahThomson SarahThomson

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I'd been wanting to go to Japan ever since I was very small, as I've been in love with everything Japan for a long time. I finally got the chance when my grandparents offered to help me pay for the travel and went along with my grandma a few months ago. It was absolutely wonderful. Just about every Japanese person you meet is incredibly polite, kind and eager to help you. There was more than one occassion that someone went out of their way to guide me to a location I was looking for, for example to young men in Ikebukuro dropped everything they were doing to help me find the 'Pokemon Centre' store so we could buy souvenirs for young relatives! They walked with us the entire way even though they had other things to do, it was very nice of them. The sightseeing is incredible too, the castles are beautiful, the shrines are incredible, and interesting. I recommend visiting Koyasan (Mt. Koya) for this incredible and spooky graveyard called Okunoin. I also recommend visiting in late March to late April time to be able to view the beautiful cherry blossoms! 10/10 am definitely visiting again.


woody58 woody58

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All expenses paid holiday to Japan. Stayed in Tokyo city and visited many of the cities highlights. Love this city and the people in general. Lots of very ancient sites to visit, lovely in Spring with cherry blossom season and all that goes with that. Arigato.. 

r2015tori r2015tori

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I first went to live in Japan when I was 2 because my mums from there.

I left to live in England in 2010  when I was 7 but I visit there every Summer holiday.

ObnoxiousLizard ObnoxiousLizard

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I went-- TWICE! Visited:

Tokyo: Shinjuku, Shibya, Harajuku, Tsukiji Market, Hamarikyu Gardens, Samurai Museum, Nakamise Shopping Street, Senso-ji, Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine, Wadabori Park, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree

Hakone: Yunessun

Kamaura: Kotoku-in, Komachi Dori, Studio Ghibli Toy Store, Yuigahama Beach, Genjiyama Park

Kyoto: Kyoto Imperial Palace, Jizo-in, Kegon-ji, Saiho-ji, Arashimaya Park, Togetsu-kyo Bridge, Arashiyama Monkey Park, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Tenryu-ji

Yokohama: Sankeien Gardens

Saunderstls Saunderstls

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Mazinger Mazinger

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best this happened in my life 


punkycharlie punkycharlie

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 Went to tokyo in october, best trip ever!

gabbyquattrone gabbyquattrone

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During my three month study abroad, I've been to Kyoto, Osaka, Chiba, and Tokyo. I still want to see more of Japan someday!

snagpuss snagpuss

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Two short weeks were not enough, training it around on my Japan Rail Pass and eating amazing food, meeting awesome people, seeing incredible things. Even managed a spur of the moment night-climb up Mt. Fuji! I'd recommend Japan to everyone and anyone.


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