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thehollywoodcornetts thehollywoodcornetts

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wasn't the best trip, spent the majority of our time stuck in traffic on the strip, made for good pictures but other than that was a waste of time.

kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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This has always been a place I have wanted to visit (I think it's on everyone's list). I am lucky enough to be spending my summer in the states this year and I will have visited Las Vega by the time I come home (even if I won't be old enough to gamble or drink yet)


Update (5/09/18)

After my trip to the Grand Canyon we drive to Vegas. I got to ride the strip in a limo and saw the fountain show at the Bellagio hotel. The next evening swe walked down the strip again and went into a few of the hotels which were incredible (especially the Venitian)

rashidlasker rashidlasker

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The lights here are nothing less than spectacular.


Ben3__ Ben3__

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Not much of a gambler, so it was so-so for me.  Lots to see, though.


Curlywurly23 Curlywurly23

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Not as good as I thought!


BriAdina BriAdina

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 I didn't get to stay for long, just the night, but I really hope to see it again someday soon. Driving in over the hills and seeing the lights of Vegas light up the night was breathtaking. After always reading and hearing people talk about Vegas, I didn't imagine I'd get to see it up close and personal, but driving down the strip was so much fun! Hopefully next time I go back, I'll be old enough to try out a couple slot machines! Laying in my bed that night, I looked out my window and all I could see was a huge American flag waving in the wind. August 19th 2013

Ryncovine Ryncovine

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I have visited Las Vega, NV three time, the last was on my honeymoon, arriving on Tuesday, June 11, 1991 and stayed at the then newly opened Excalibur Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. 

parrriee parrriee

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Vegas is amazing. Flashing Lights for sure!


yua_san yua_san

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Didn't know how I'd feel going here, but actually loved it in the end despite not being into gambling and drinking. 

cllareh cllareh

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 New years eve twice in Las Vegas Staying at Mandalay Bay and Luxor.  Then with the girls for my 30th Birthday staying in Luxor then again for Helens staying in Flamingo

Sarina1502 Sarina1502

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May 1st till may 6th we stayed at Circus Circus. This week was awesome we tried the 20$ trick (which worked), rent a car and drove to bouldercity and Hooverdam and lake mead. We went for a drive afterwards and ended in Bullheadcity, Arizona we ate at Denny's (awesome, best food of our vacation). Las Vegas was very awesome but also very expensive.

Kartika Kartika

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Visited the las vegas strip in 2013. Watched Penn & Teller Show, Cirque du soleil Le Rêve at the Wynn, ate buffet at Rio and MGM (MGM was too salty, Rio was definitely the better buffet that had endless of options!). Some advice: Don't go on youtube before watching Penn & Teller (that's what I did and I regretted it)

Would love to watch more cirque du soleil performances in the future!


leighlouisepope leighlouisepope

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 amazing is a must do 

Smejia Smejia

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Really enjoyed visiting Las Vegas!


hellerzilla hellerzilla

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 I live here! It's only been a month and what can I say???

Sin City is certainly a place to sin. Honestly, moving here from California was probably not the best of decisions because it really isn't. Las Vegas is a place you should visit only for a weekend not to actually live here (sorry). 

The city only turnts up at nights! It's boring and depressing at daytime! The heat is mental and it's only the Strip that keeps you sane, literally. From Fremont St. to the Strip, you can actually enjoy yourself.

YES! Gambling is major here! And it is hella addictive. I wasted $5 and ended up recieving 14 cents! Honestly, this place is a virus. 

Trust me, run away before you regret ever stepping foot. But stay for the night and end up like those guys in Hangover. BELIEVE ME, it does happen because with drinks being so cheap here, you'll lose yourself.


But remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

jadenb jadenb

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Had a great time with Mom and Owen for Memorial Day weekend 2019

karin.ayuni karin.ayuni

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Had a blast, went with coworkers, 4 days was enough lol.


markanddiane markanddiane

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We had a great time! Las Vegas Christmas decorations are fantastic. We went to many casinos and also down to Fremont street. 


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And again it was in September 2001, but I have also been here in 2002, 2005 and 2007!

reckoner27 reckoner27

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My mother was working on the show Elvis from Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. She had to spend a few months over there and celebrate her 50th birthday. She didn't want to celebrate it by herself, so my sister and I went to see her for a few days on her birthday!

The city- or at least the Strip- is very weird. Everything is fake! It's like a Disneyworld for adults! A cab driver told us to always remember though, that even if it's all sparkling and fun, the city was built with the money of the losers...

I really enjoyed going from one ambiance to the other, going on with the theme of each casino! Since I was still underage at that time, I do believe I need to go back to see how it is now that I'm older...


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