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LiaEatCookie LiaEatCookie

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England was amazing! I really want to go again. 

Ailar Ailar

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Eight friends and I went from Kent to London for a one day trip. We took the bus to a station, we had no idea where we were but walk to the closest shop and bought a map. We walked from there to Buckingham Palace, through a beautiful park and to Big Ben and the Parliament. We asked a police officer for directions to Oxford Street and Denmark Street and he told us to take the tube, because young tourists like us wouldn't be able to walk in the heat. The problem was that we didn't understand the tube, so we ended up walking anyway. In Denmark street we visited some music stores and we walked on to Oxford Street for some shopping. We visited the Yamaha store and ate at Pret A Manger before we met up with our traveling companions to go see Les Miserables at Queens Theatre. I laughed, I cried and it was absolutely amazing. I will never forget this trip in a beautiful city with great friends.

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Last leg of our family 2001 Around the World Trip!

rosemaryale rosemaryale

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Summer 2008. 2 days, just before going on the cruise for my Quinceañera.

malpal711 malpal711

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Accomplished in June 2012!

fiami fiami

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September 2013


pleuni.vanderpas pleuni.vanderpas

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Ciois Ciois

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 Went to London with my lyceum class, in 2013. 

IfByChanceTheresThunder IfByChanceTheresThunder

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Freakin' Piccadilly Circus!! :D everything I dreamed it'd be:D Buckingham Palace is magical looking! -Queen was going out when we visited :D Naked man in the grass :D Pigeons :D Tesco Lunch :D Awesome~♡♡♡

Soulvision Soulvision

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I've been here from Dec 27-31 in 1998, between Christmas and New Year. We went with the Stenaline from Hoek v Holland, Netherlands to Harwich, England and stayed in a hotel in West-Minster. We had a tourist travel card so we could easily travel, mostly by metro.

Places i've been & have seen:

- Buckingham Palace, Change of Guards  - Big Ben - The Tower Bridge - St James Park - River Thames - Harrods - Planet Hollywood, .. (have to dig in my memory .. to be continued .. :)

kristyna.cizinska kristyna.cizinska

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visited beautiful London in May 2017! Loved every second of it! 

TheKitty TheKitty

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A London Eye ride with great views of Big Ben and Westminster Palace; Buckingham Palace with traditional guards; walk and relax in the St. James´s Park; visiting Soho, including Chinatown, and many shops; Trafalgar Square with fountains and lions; of course London red double-deckers and red-box telephones; and at the end of the day a boat ride on the Thames in the lighted London night with a view of the London Eye and Tower Bridge. I really enjoyed it!:)

AliciaKuiper AliciaKuiper

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I went to London with my best friend and we stayed with her aunt and uncle. It was so much fun :)


samira_aksoy samira_aksoy

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En dag, när jag skulle skriva ett svårt prov i Litteraturhistoria, tipsade vår litteraturlärare min klass om billiga flygbiljetter till London - hans favoritställe i hela världen. Jag och Ana Erahlie Belangoy bokade direkt biljetter för 46 kr dit och 46 kr hem, och i väntan på att Erik (pojkvän) skulle vakna, då detta ägde rum på en vardagsmorgon då han var ledig, bokade vi biljetter åt honom också. Väl i London hann vi besöka Big Ben, Westminster Palace, Eye of London, Oxford Street, Marble Arch och mängder av underground-stationer så som Victoria Station, Earl's Court, South Kensington, Paddington, Liverpool Street och Embankment. Med våra Oyster Cards åkte vi runt med Circle Line, Picadilly Line, Jubilee Line och andra linjer runt om i London för att se oss omkring. Vi åkte vilse en del, men det var en upplevelse det också. Vi shoppade loss inne på Primark, bytte hotell på kvällen och jag haffade tag i en taxi med ögonkontakt vid en rondell. Vi åt cupcakes från Lola's Cupcakes, sushi från Yo! Sushi och hade det allmänt härligt och stressigt. Vi medverkade i en campaign för Coca Cola och såg barn i skoluniformer. Vi sprang i rulltrappor (på vänster sida, obs) och sprang tätt inpå folk medan vi sa "sorry". 

dariusjy dariusjy

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gayenur gayenur

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1996 / 2013


Tua41558 Tua41558

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I spent a few days here with my cousin in 2012. We saw rock of ages and the kings speech, went to some comedy clubs, a really cool science museum, and some beautufil parks.  and omg the food. THE FOOOOOOOD.  Definitely going back. 


maryam1208 maryam1208

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i used 2 go evrey other week


lauren.whitfield.144 lauren.whitfield.144

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I went to London in 2011 and stayed in Docklands. I went to the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, the Natural History Museum, Harrods and the other popular places.

GalaxyOtaku GalaxyOtaku

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Went to London for the first time in July, for Comic Con! :D  

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