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elfen elfen

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 Went with my family when I was 10 when we went to visit my sister in Denver.

kevinjkydd kevinjkydd

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 Beautiful day and the monument is amazing to see in person. 

shanfly87 shanfly87

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It was cold, it was empty... it was amazing!!! 

elusby elusby

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 Went will my family, great time.

lexiajainz lexiajainz

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 We found the sculpture by driving on the IRON Road Scenic byway from Custer State Park and it was a great way to avoid the crowds of people.

beatab beatab

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 Pretty cool. The monument may not be as big as I envisioned it, but the facilities are nice and the area around Mount Rushmore is definitely worth the trip.

DrJudge13 DrJudge13

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 This was a great experience. I went with the Soccer Team of Southwest Baptist Univerisity. We went hiking in the morning, went to see some wildlife in the afternoon and saw Mount Rushmore in the evening. God does amazing things. [email protected]

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Went during a road trip from Chicago to Nashville to South Dakota to Yellowstone National Park to the University of Colorado with Cory. Monument a lot smaller than expected. The town was adorable and personally, I think Crazy Horse monument is better. 

alihan_ramazanov alihan_ramazanov

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Had a trip to Mount Rushmore with my Taiwanese friends for Thanksgiving break. 


tyworld tyworld

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Road through during 75th Anniversary of Sturgis Bike Week. Riding through those highways was as awe inspiring of seeing Mount Rushmore itself. The audacity of man. Wow!


tailoremoore tailoremoore

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 Spur of the moment family weekend to SD!

kateokeepsdreaming kateokeepsdreaming

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Beautiful! And fascinating to think about the up keep of this monument given environtmental factors. Well worth the visit. Also visit nearby Crazy Horse and camp in the Black Hills! Want to go back to do some caves!

AniyA AniyA

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My junior year marching band (LLHS)  trip was to Calgary Canada and we got to stop in the Dakotas and see a lot of the attractions one of them being Mt. Rushmore. We hiked around and got to see the lighting ceremony too! 


hodgerd hodgerd

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 It was smaller than I had imagined in my mind. It was beautiful to visit though. 

MicheleK MicheleK

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Took off on a roadtrip with the family and included a stop at Mt Rushmore long before it was in the movie "National Treasure 2" 

Amilyasmom Amilyasmom

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Lived in rapid city as a teenager. Took the kids to visit in aug 2017


pickypaula8 pickypaula8

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Entry is from our Family Captain (my husband himself)

Captains log: day 6, Sturgis, August 5th. Woke up with crazy pain in right toe from slamming it on the fridge in the middle if the night taking child #2 potty. Mount Rushmore tour, took the hike under washingtons nose with broken toe and said 5yr old on my shoulders, battled 20,000 stupid bikers (and one smart one). Drive RV through tiny roads to see some Tatanka. Again we performed the 1hr drive turned into two trick that were soo good at now. Made it back to new, not as nice KOA and jumped in pool. Cooked some ribs, watched the lightening show, girls got scared of the thunder, 4 adults and a chopper under our awning telling story's til we crashed. Another good day in South Dakota! 

Mistypie1 Mistypie1

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It was Mount Rushmore 


jbower54 jbower54

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As a kid in the mid 60's


pickypaula8 pickypaula8

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Sturgis Road Trip August 2015 

The hubby wanted to go to Sturgis so he convinced the family to go on an RV trip from California to South Dakota.  I was amazed!  Incredible how this was made and the documentation, preservation of the mountain is very informational.  Take the time to complete the Presidential Trail.  The trail gives different views and specific information about each president.  Its about a mile long with some stairs but well worth it.

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