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Leanne0115 Leanne0115

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New Orleans was so many things- beautiful and full of life. The struggles created by hurricane Katrina are still very real. I have never seen so much opulence and poverty all in one place. NOLA was one of the most incredible places I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, and I hope to return again someday.

eshankar eshankar

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  • Music on Frenchman Street
  • Hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's on Bourbon Street
  • Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt hotel
  • Beignets and café au lait at Café du Monde
  • Pralines from Laura's Candies, New Orleans' oldest candy store
  • Voodoo shop [email protected]

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 09/10/2010 We drove on a sidewalk and got lost in New Orleans.

mama.vida mama.vida

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 It was fantastic! We happened to visit during the Music Fest on our way to California.

Loved the music, the food, the arts, the buildings. Everything!

rockyace rockyace

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In love with New Orleans. Definitely going back one day!

bamabucketlist bamabucketlist

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 I've actually been several times but the last one was to see my cousin off at MEPS. he's an SF candidate. After that we kinda just walked around until my ex couldn't walk anymore (bad knees) and she and I came home. [email protected]

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 I visited NOLA for 3 days. I saw Jackson Square and the cathedral. I saw the Joan of Arch statue in the Cathedral. I saw the New Orleans Museum of Art. I also saw a Voodoo Museum, a Jazz Museum. I even rode on a street car (however, it wasn't a street car named Desire -lol)  

okn0tok okn0tok

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Went to New Orleans, had a blast.  I really loved the food and music.  Watch out for weight gain there because everything is delicious!  I took a cool city tour of the cemetaries by horse.  Wished on voodoo queens tomb. Rode the ferry. Visited many buildings and parks, even the zoo.  Which I documented in detail on my blog 

I loved it and would go back again! 


inanimategirl inanimategirl

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I have always dreamed of seeing the city of New Orleans. It always seems romantic and mysterious in movies and novels.

llandes08 llandes08

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I want to go to the French Quarter 

stringbean18 stringbean18

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jeanne.morrissette jeanne.morrissette

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Did it during Mardi Gras!

laurenalana2012 laurenalana2012

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 I went to New Orleans for a Jonas Brothers concert. The beignets are amazing

NicoleAdrianFernandez NicoleAdrianFernandez

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I went on a swamp tour of the Honey Island Swamp and saw HUGE alligators, I ate beignets at Cafe du Monde, I took a ghost tour of the quarter and I partied on Bourbon Street

athiesing athiesing

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Shrimp Gumbo, Palm Readers, and the aftermath of Mardi Gras 2005.

toadswife toadswife

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Our favorite place

sarkybird sarkybird

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Most relaxed I have ever been!

brett.lewis.1848 brett.lewis.1848

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What a great place to end a 10 week tour across the country on my 21st birthday. The music in the French Quarter was amazing and food was incredible!

rainypanda rainypanda

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Have been twice. I love this place. 


doylegillespie doylegillespie

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What a blast it was! 

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