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lizabeth.huang lizabeth.huang

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Incredible landscape, lifestyle, people - amazing untouched paradise!




k4n4133 k4n4133

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Probably my favorite country. It was my second time visit and wanting to go back again!!

katioooo katioooo

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 i live there

sarahloufisher sarahloufisher

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I spent 12 nights in New Zealand in February 2017 where I visited Auckland, Taupo, Waitomo, Rotorua, Waiheke island, The Coromandel Peninsula and much more. NZ quickly became my favourite country in the world and I hope to return many times in the future


ryttu3k ryttu3k

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New Year and January 2014. This is what greets you at Auckland Airport.


Leimo Leimo

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 Went in early 2015. Drove from Palmerston North to the south island by ferry. Drove all the way down to the southern tip and took another ferry to the southernmost island.

On the way back up, stopped at Milford Sound and took that picture.

irisvandam94 irisvandam94

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 Visit this beautiful country along with the famous Lord of the Rings Places

bluenwild bluenwild

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Just because it's on the exact other side of the world!! :)

It's actually really pretty, divers and nice to travel around!

wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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This is by far the most amazing country I have ever visited. Enless of nature to explore and so much crazy adrenaline-running activities. I love NZ so freaking much!


bobster85 bobster85

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NZ is an amazing place and I met some really cool people. Queenstown, Christchurch, Dunedin and Coromandel were my favorite places.

aliarrr97 aliarrr97

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New Zealand is such a beautiful country.  

jwi61 jwi61

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The most beautiful places of the earth, I've seen there.

Do the LOTR-tour (Lord of the Rings) from Christchurch through the Canterbury Plains - awesome.


kimboally kimboally

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 Penciled in for March 2017...Singapore to Auckland, on to Christchurch and Wellington and maybe a cheeky few days in Fiji. 3 weeks of traveling around (nothing new for us)

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 Its been a year since i reached Auckland. What amazes me is the peace of mind i experienced over the whole year. The fresh air, cool breeze, Grassy mountains, vast flat lands and more over beautiful people. If you are looking for a place for your retirement life, come to new Zealand. 

sjw125 sjw125

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 New Zealand is one of my favorite places on earth.  We backpacked to a mud hut, rode the luge, ate good food and met wonderful people.  I could live there in a heartbeat. 

ebbatibell ebbatibell

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The scenery, wow. No words or photos can do this place justice. Absolutely amazing.

periandrew periandrew

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 First experience venturing overseas with my family and as soon I stepped foot into New Zealand, I felt like I was at home. Beautiful drives, amazing experiences and overall a very special, unique place

stephisbettyboo stephisbettyboo

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I live here and was born in New Zealand, and spent the first 19 years of my life there, before traveling overseas. 

MicVicMoo MicVicMoo

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I volunteered all over new Zealand, and then I travelled around it and had some fun.

Lishaznia Lishaznia

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  • Backpacked from North Island to South Island
  • Bungy jumped!
  • Couchsurfed
  • ​Spent quality time with a Maori :)


​I shall return again. New Zealand has not seen the last of me!


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