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lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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I visited Niagara Falls on the Canadian side and it was such a beautiful sight! You could feel the mist from a mile away. Mum & I went on the Niagara Cruise Boat that takes you right under the mist. It felt like it is was pouring down rain. It was a short but fun experience!

Ravi Ravi

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We visited Niagara Falls on 20th July 2014 (Canada side). Awesome experience, it was. We took the Hornblower cruise near the falls. It was thrilling to be so near the thunderous falls. Lifetime experience.


despertarpraviv despertarpraviv

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Beautiful, breathtaking

Visited for the first time in 1980. After that went there many many time, every season.

jazzyokanovic jazzyokanovic

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This was one of those things that when I put it on my bucket list, was nothing more than a far off goal. This summer, however, it happened. 

My parents and I went to Utica, New York, just outside of Syracuse to visit their old family friend. Seeing as we were so close to the border, we decided to take a day trip to the Falls. We did a day-long tour, and apart from some negative interactions, it was amazing.

The falls were something beyond belief, and learning the history behind them was magnificent. It was a breathtaking sight and beyond any words. I've included plenty of photos though, to make up for my lack of vocabulary in describing this.

Ianroberts66 Ianroberts66

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I went there December 2004. I was full of cold and it was freezing.

Milou Milou

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 A little disapointed by the city and bulding, just next to the falls, litteraly next to the falls, you don't see it in the pictures, but it ruins a little the beauty of the falls...

eternaljitters eternaljitters

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  I visited Niagara Falls late 2018. Buffalo was terrifying and the city around Niagara Falls on the USA side reminded me of every other city back home in Ohio, but the falls were breathtaking. I never did wrap my mind around them!

wycherley86 wycherley86

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The Canadian side is great!


Mikachu Mikachu

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 Visited Niagara Falls many times over the years. 

sscha040 sscha040

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The falls are incredible...but it's detracted by the tacky tourist traps surrounding them.

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 Summer of 2013, traveling around Toronto with Grace, Jen and Kim!

scott.blackburn.56 scott.blackburn.56

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Got married at the Oaks Garden Theatre with this in the background!  Heaven!  Going back someday to go behind the falls...

eshant.gandhi eshant.gandhi

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An amazing trip with Vanier college watching and feeling the falls with new found friend.

heyelihey heyelihey

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Accidentally booked room on Canada side... awesome mistake. Breath taking.. beautiful!


rdrivas rdrivas

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Went to Niagara Falls when I was a teenager, but got to go back when I drove a good friend to Chicago to live with his girlfriend (now wife), made a quick put stop on our way through Buffalo!


birdyboyuk birdyboyuk

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Stunning to see. No boats were running as out of season, however, I took the journey behind the falls!


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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It was absolutely amazing, I loved it. I took the boat tour with my sister, her husband, my bf (of sorts), and my best friend from the Canadian side. It looked really beautiful and amazing and it sounded really powerful.

JenM JenM

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SheSawTheWorld SheSawTheWorld

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It was grand and wondrous!


cassandraprater cassandraprater

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I've been to both sides, Canada & New York. I was in Canada when I was younger and before they required passports. A few years ago I traveled to the New York side with my two friends, Jamie & Eric. It was fantastic!


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