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lizzie.rivera lizzie.rivera

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I visited Niagara Falls on the Canadian side and it was such a beautiful sight! You could feel the mist from a mile away. Mum & I went on the Niagara Cruise Boat that takes you right under the mist. It felt like it is was pouring down rain. It was a short but fun experience!

Ravi Ravi

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We visited Niagara Falls on 20th July 2014 (Canada side). Awesome experience, it was. We took the Hornblower cruise near the falls. It was thrilling to be so near the thunderous falls. Lifetime experience.


cassandraprater cassandraprater

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I've been to both sides, Canada & New York. I was in Canada when I was younger and before they required passports. A few years ago I traveled to the New York side with my two friends, Jamie & Eric. It was fantastic!


brittanyxdavis brittanyxdavis

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Visited Niagara Falls on a trip to upstate New York. It was nothing like I was expecting but definitely a site to see!


birdyboyuk birdyboyuk

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Stunning to see. No boats were running as out of season, however, I took the journey behind the falls!


Melody Melody

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jheelio jheelio

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It was the best day ever:) 


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 July 2002

sscha040 sscha040

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The falls are incredible...but it's detracted by the tacky tourist traps surrounding them. 

locketlee locketlee

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It was pretty and all..............but we stayed there for like an hour......which is a bit too long. 

eshant.gandhi eshant.gandhi

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An amazing trip with Vanier college watching and feeling the falls with new found friend.

Redds111 Redds111

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 Not as big as I thought it would be. Great revolving restaurant on the Canadian side though!

h2olguin h2olguin

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We visited Niagara Falls in July 2013!!


Killtastrophe001 Killtastrophe001

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One of the best experiences I've had in recent memory :D Walked around the pathway on Canada's side of the falls and went on the "The Maiden Voyage" boat tour that takes you inside the falls itself! Amazing experience. 

lenel.salazar lenel.salazar

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During our East Coast tour in America last December, 2013, we visited 8 states and Washington D.C.  in 10 days. After our 2-day stay in Washington D.C., we headed up north to Buffalo, New York to visit Niagara Falls.

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Jessica9592 Jessica9592

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Stayed overnight in 2012 when we visited NYC for Christmas & New Years... we drove in bus from NYC to Niagara Falls.


Toripickle5 Toripickle5

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Went to Niagra Falls with Mom and Dad my sophomore year of high school. 


SheSawTheWorld SheSawTheWorld

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It was grand and wondrous!


araustin88 araustin88

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Been to both the the Canada side and the USA side, both are equally impressive. Try the Maid of the Mist boat ride to get really close to the falls.


sugarpop5571 sugarpop5571

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 My aunt lives in Buffalo and I have visited Niagara Falls with her and some other family. Its quite loud but fun. I suggest doing very strongly.

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