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Si_Drexx Si_Drexx

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Going to NYC was my biggest dream. And one day my dream came true. 

I flew to NYC one day after my birthday. It was the last March 22nd 2015. 

It was wonderful, you can't imagine how biggest this city is as long as you stay at home. The atmosphere is unique... ANd that's why you always want to go back there. 


NYC <3  


Dankirby85 Dankirby85

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Went to New York as the first place on our month long trip across America. Amazing time.


rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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Me and Marks first trip away together, a pre Christmas trip to NYC.

jnquynh jnquynh

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amazing trip!

LaurenSmart LaurenSmart

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 I went to New York on a school trip from March 26th - March 30th 2016. By far the best school trip I've ever been on! I enjoyed exploring such a fantastic city with friends and would definitely recommend going! 

marmari123 marmari123

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Went to NYC with my school. I loved it! We saw the Blue Man Group and a broadway show Matilda! Awesome trip! 

misaarmane misaarmane

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4/5 Would have loved to be able to spend more time. Watch your step crossing the streets haha. Beautiful views everywhere. This was a school trip it started 01/04/2013 adn ended 05/04/2013. Totally reccomend going!


DarcyDavies98 DarcyDavies98

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I had the chance to visit New York City on the 9th of July 2016 while with my best friend. We were able to visit Liberty Island, Ellis Island, go on the open top bus, see the Empire State Building, go to Times Square and more. The city is definitely worth visiting and I'm planning on going back some time in 2017. 

nadia.kalakina nadia.kalakina

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hlarajo hlarajo

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 I visited NYC in 2014. It's definitely worth it. Coming from a small, rural town, it was both mind-blowing and overwhelmingly fun.

edillin14 edillin14

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It was huge, and loud, and kinda smelly, but it was an experience and I loved it. First time I was 17. Recently I went back to study the architecture as part of a class trip for WSU (21 years old) and I had a blast. 


LianaFlanders LianaFlanders

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I went to NYC with my High School drama department. We got to experience many different broadway shows as well as many of the iconic New York restaurants! 


ThijsGroenveld ThijsGroenveld

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 Very cool to see this really big city. I have never seen such high buildings before in my life.

SteephiiD SteephiiD

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May 2008

I remember my mom calling me when I was at school and she asked me if I wanted to go to New York. Of course I said yes, I mean, who would ever decline such an offer? At first it was only supposed to be my mom, step dad and me but I asked if my sister could come too, so the four of us went to New York on the 25th of May. 

It was love at firs sight! I had never seen anything like it. The architecture was incredible and the food was way too delicious. I could really understand why there are so many obese people there. 

March 2012

August 2012 

NelleRae NelleRae

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Five days on Broadway with a good friend. Angel's in America: Nathan Lane, Andrew Garfield, Lee Pace for two nights. Children of a Lesser God: Joshua Jackson. David Bowie Is at the Brooklyn Museum. Central Park in the rain. Champagne in a penthouse. Hugged by Andrew Garfield. NY bagels, Brooklyn pizza, street food that feeds the soul. Baptised at Ground Zero.

Greenferret Greenferret

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Incredible city, one that I must return to. Chrysler Building?

dalilugubre dalilugubre

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I cnt really describe it , NYC, its a must in anybodies' bucket list.  

scroy8 scroy8

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April and I went together on her first business trip to NYC. It was a whirlwind of a trip, and we had an amazing time. During our stay, she was offered a job in the city with her company... she eventually accepted it and we moved to the city a few months later!

taliexox taliexox

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My amazing boyfriend made my dreams come true by whisking me away to NYC  10 nights !   

nikki_4816 nikki_4816

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 School trip, 2011

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