Visit Petra, Jordan

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cinthiaa.banuuelos cinthiaa.banuuelos

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it was part of mt holy land trip with my mom. I was in highschool. First time I ever rode a camel too. My mom was offered 60 camels in my exchange- of course she denied the offer haha


AnvitaS AnvitaS

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We took a random trip to Jordan for a four days and visiting the Petra was one of main things on our agenda. It was an exhausting trip because we walked for an entire day but it was worth it.  

christian.doering.1 christian.doering.1

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Visited Petra on my four weeks backpacking trip through Israel and Jordan in September 2012.

moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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I could have spent a whole week exploring Petra. It is absolutely mind-boggling to me how this was constructed during a time in which we didn't have the tools and technology we have now.


mimz.shamsi mimz.shamsi

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Really unforgettable experience. Petra literally flooded when I was there.  

estrellalebaron estrellalebaron

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 Seeing the ancient wonders of the world (:

lisa.ratschmann lisa.ratschmann

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I’m working on a cruiseship as a photographer. I’ve been in Petra i think half a year ago. Of course it was crowded but also the most stunning place i have ever  been. It’s unbelievable beautiful. Would recommend. 

warrior_mik warrior_mik

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Expensive expirience 55€ entrance fee. But petra is lot more. Not just one cave art building. Wide area is curved in stone. And few beduins family still live here in caves.

jikomoku jikomoku

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This has been on my radar for a long time.  Almost did a tour from Turkey down through Syria, Lebanon and Jordan to Egypt on my way back from the UK in 2006, but decided against it.  One day...


Did a trip to Jordan last year and was in Petra on my birthday! Sooo awesome, loved the whole country. The people are incredibly nice and welcoming! And I felt as safe as I do at home, if not safer, even when wandering around the capital Amman in the dark by myself trying to find my way back to my hotel! Jordan is definitely a jewel of the Middle East, highly recommend it 😊

Levon Levon

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Wonderful Old City, Worth every minute you spend.


EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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It was so beautiful and amazing! You should probably spend several days there if you want to see everything properly. It is just so impressive.

chantalleday chantalleday

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 18km walked, 1 bottle of water, donkey ferraris (Shakira the donkey) (Gemma Charity)

cazy80 cazy80

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It's great, definitely worth a trip. We did it in 1 day, I would recommend making it a 2 day trip so you can enjoy it and dont have to rush through Petra. Price wise it also makes more sense buying the 2-3 day ticket then the 1 day ticket as thats rather expensive. 


meeshell.danielle meeshell.danielle

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Beautiful. I rode a camel and bought a camel necklace. I also had a man whom we called Captain Jack put eye shadow on me... he was wearing some too.


lvu2016 lvu2016

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nate.howard25 nate.howard25

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It was a good time


Dream Come True Dream Come True

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 Breathtaking place!  

chillibites1991 chillibites1991

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It was BEYOND INCREDIBLE. Like you are stuck in time!!

Lexialexander Lexialexander

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This is a magical place - like going back into the heart of time. Visit it at night and it is even more wonderful. Although you can take the short tour, the long one is totally worth it!  Would go there again if I could 


jklarazz jklarazz

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