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Beccaingman Beccaingman

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Went with my mother for my 20th birthday. Absolutely loved it. Saw all the main attractions, buildings, places etc. Ate all the iconic food. Went on a private VIP tour of the Colossseum (WalksofItaly, can really recommend!). Best part of our weekend was the cuality time I got with my mom.

holly.spencer.737 holly.spencer.737

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This was for my boyfriends 30th birthday, a long break in Rome site seeing. 2012


JBlack JBlack

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I was looking for a great place for few days during spring.

Roma looked great at this moment.

Floro Floro

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I traveled a lot as a little girl with my grandparents. I don´t remember as much as I would like to, but I still have lovely memories from Rome.

MissusMae MissusMae

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Pre-Birthday celebration with my parents as we all celebrate the same birthday. Our apartment was overlooking the whole city especially St. Peter's Basilica. This is the holiday were I fattened up due to the amount of cheese and gelato I ate. Like Verona, the cobbled grounds and the nice warm weather is something else. Italy, once again mesmerized me with it's beautiful city of Rome! We were so close to the Pope during the General Assembly as well! 

shannon.castel shannon.castel

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It was beautiful, the food was great and the company even better! I would love to go back again. 

Jessica9592 Jessica9592

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Visited in 2009,2010 & 2012


Femke_pi Femke_pi

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 Romereis 6de jaar Mater Dei


Moore014 Moore014

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There is so much history, beauty and culture to experience in Rome! I would recommend the trip to anyone. 

sarahloufisher sarahloufisher

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Rome September 2014


andrea.g.dasilva.10 andrea.g.dasilva.10

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dinurahmani dinurahmani

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This city was the first city that I visited during my Eurotrip..I like this city but the weather..It was too hot like my home country :p

 I also finally see The Colosseum!!!!

erkan.marasli erkan.marasli

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 Colosseium, Selfie Stick Sellers, And a city full of history. Great!

tottilover tottilover

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We came, we saw, we walked a lot 


PeterPotus711 PeterPotus711

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 Eternal City. Coliseum, Spanish Steps, St. Peter's Basilica, SPQR, Pantheon, Vespas, Gelato. Chaotic traffic haha!! 

allenboggy123 allenboggy123

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Rome. What a city! This was one of my favourite trips during my time spent at my dads in Italy last year. We travelled around all the hotspots including the colleseum, the Spanish Steps, The Altare della Patria, Trevi Fountain, Fontana della Baraccia, not to mention countless designer shops such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Coco Chanel. Unfortunately we didn't go to St Peters Basilica, but I definitely plan to go there this year. I really reccomend it to anyone who hasn't been before.



Lottie.James9213 Lottie.James9213

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Absolutely amazing break away!!!! Loved every minute <3 such a beautiful place!!!


CrisReal CrisReal

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great trip with my friends


kateokeepsdreaming kateokeepsdreaming

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Rome was absolutely magnificent. From the Colliseum and the surrounding ruins, to beautiful churches (the Sistene Chapel and beyond), Castel Sant'Angelo, the Spanish Steps., Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navona...I could go on and on. This trip still lives in my mind like a dream of someone else's life...except it was mine! So blessed and grateful to have travelled a Roma!

mehlika mehlika

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Rome is one my favourite. The last trip was my 6th.

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