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Was in Moscow, Russia from 2-10th Sep 2017. Was great and a real experience especially in terms of communication of language.


  1. St. Basil's Cathedral
  2. Red Square
  3. GUM store
  4. Kremlin
  5. And a bunch of churches

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My experience of the World University Games- amazing.  Russia, not so much!  

mksa mksa

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I was working for the Winter Olympic games from 15th Jan till 27th Feb


NorahMorgan NorahMorgan

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Summer 2009

visited Ufa, Moscow, and St. Petersburg


Tommyferly Tommyferly

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CharlotteRushton CharlotteRushton

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As my sister is studying in Russia for the year, my parents and I decided to go out and visit her for a week during the Easter holidays. It was an amazing experience and unlike any other place I've been to. We stayed in St Petersburg, a city full of museums and exquisite churches, yet also a city with a vibrant nightlife! The people were lovely, so helpful and knowledgeable. 

moorea80 moorea80

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Want to visit Russia at some point - experience the city and do the Tourist stuff not to mention experience the cold!

elena elena

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October 2013


asaunders asaunders

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I got to go the summer before freshman year of high school with a group stationed in Cleveland Ohio and without my parents. I would do it all over again if I could!


Chriswhjay Chriswhjay

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Visit Russia, Moscow and St Petersburg. The Red square and St Basils Cathedral, The Kremlin, the Russian Underground, Lenins Tomb.

Sergei Pasad among other places in St Petersburg, notably churches!

elasticbandy elasticbandy

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Take a trip to Moscow and St Petersburg.

bradashby1 bradashby1

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Spent a week in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) Russia! Saw lots of memorials to the great Battle of Stalingrad, widely held to be the turning point of World War II. Very impressive what was accomplished there.

Also got to spend time with friends and make some new ones. Learned a little Russian language and lots of history.

mercerc mercerc

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Take a trip to Russia

bizeemum bizeemum

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Socchi and Norvoriski

Karamea Karamea

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Beautiful historic buildings.  Would not go back because of the unfailingly rude and sullen people with extremely pointy shoes and bad dye jobs.  Everywhere - restaurants, hotels, shops, taxis, historic sites, markets...  Food is disgusting.  Developed a taste for straight vodka which haunts me to this day.

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