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geranosaurus geranosaurus

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It was not as impressive as I thought it would be, but still worth doing. There were a lot of sheep and I tried ale at the gift shop, which was delicous. I went on a trip from my school in London. We also went to Bath, which was much more fun. 


chellobean chellobean

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 My dad came to visit me! We did a lot of fun stuff, including driving out and seeing Stonehenge, which was different than what I expected, but still really cool!

Ruby. Ruby.

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When I was younger my family went on a trip to many places in Europe. Stonehenge was one place that we visited, although I can mostly remember the lines and lines of people waiting and the sun making awesome shadows, we didn't get to go very close to the actual stones, although after Stonehenge my father took us to some other standing stones in the UK that are less famous and way cooler!!!  

meagan.anderson meagan.anderson

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 Super cool place, really just rocks though

Abarat Abarat

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 Love this BUT was sick as a dog from the day before.....having prebooked tickets had no choice but to go and everytime the bus stopped dash outside and puke ....

adanda78 adanda78

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 Went to Stonehenge with my mom and aunt :) Love traveling :)

misshayes99 misshayes99

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 Stonehenge is great, it really rocks! ;) 

jay73 jay73

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 november 2014

JessiWolf1981 JessiWolf1981

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Visited as a child, then again in 2000. Beautiful landscape and a unique experience.


Alexandra1989 Alexandra1989

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 Didn't go inside cause we ran out of money but was awesome to see even from outside the gate.

chroniclesthroughthelens chroniclesthroughthelens

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Stonehenge was absolutely magical! 

Ianroberts66 Ianroberts66

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Good to see but very overrated.

krustyy03 krustyy03

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Went on my own, jumped the fence and didn't pay. Was ok. I'm glad I didnt pay. My Ex boyfriend was in the car a mile back, too lazy to experience this.


fedakkia fedakkia

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i didn't like it


Jo144 Jo144

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Not very good ;( Took us ages to get in standing in the poor rain and then it was rubbish! and very expensive too!

 Plus we also had to buy a very expensive umbrella, Would not reccomend. 

simona.stepanova4444 simona.stepanova4444

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 I visited Stonehenge twice and I can say that there is so many magic in it, that I hope to visit it again in the future.

mareferg mareferg

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Totally cool!   

Sara Ryan Sara Ryan

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We were very underwhelmed with Stonehenge sad to say. All the photos I took were zoomed way in.You couldn't go anywhere near the stones. If you feel like you need to see this I would recommend seeing it as part of a tour like we did. I believe we did Windsor, Stonehenge, and Bath in 1 day. 

becky2502 becky2502

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 I love history so was really excited to visit Stonehenge on my way home from Devon. The reality of it is, it costs about £20 each to get in to the field, you walk over to the stones, go wow for a second & that's the end of it. You might as well look at them from the road outside the fence which is what the picture I've attached shows. Also, the traffic around the stones is an absolute nightmare as everyone just practically stops dead in the middle of the road to take photos.

caroline.costa caroline.costa

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