Visit the Grand Canyon

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aelk aelk

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It was amazing. It is truly unbelievable. 


araustin88 araustin88

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Breathtaking, a definite must-see. 

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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Pictures don't do it justice! You have to see it for yourself! The place is so big it makes you realize just how small of a space you occupy in this world. 

NaomiAbigail NaomiAbigail

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Camped in the village, then trekked 8 miles to Skeleton Point in the Grand Canyon, followed by a helicopter ride over the top.

JYAK2013 JYAK2013

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The Grand Canyon was definitely an experience. Glad to say I have seen one of the 7 wonders of the world.

lenee9696 lenee9696

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 Had an amazing flight out in Grand canyon with helicopter! Wine and breakfast! It was as amazing as people say it is. 

jtrummp jtrummp

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Arrived at about 5 am, just before sunrise, so it was difficult to see. Once the sun started rising, all I could do is stand there with mu mouth wide open. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen.

LifeofVera LifeofVera

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It was one of the most amazing moments in my life, when I saw the the Grand Canyon in the evening for the first time!!



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A 10 hour drive from Las Vegas to San Fransisco, with a beautiful pit stop at the Grand Canyon. The most beautiful place on Earth, its a must!


tuuun tuuun

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Grand Canyon South Rim Tour with You Quan (GC Tours) 

thehollywoodcornetts thehollywoodcornetts

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We visited the Grand Canyon during our cross country trip headed to California. there was still snow on the ground and it was one of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen.

Martinezblue Martinezblue

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I went into the Grand Canyon by Helicopter with my family in June 2016. 


heyelihey heyelihey

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Stop #1 in our 2015 summer roadtrip... Amazing... looks like a backdrop  

ErinK ErinK

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We took a flight from Vegas over the Hoover Dam and went to the Grand Canyon National Park. A walk out on the horshoe lookout over the Canyon - it's so much higher than it looks!! We then took a helicopter ride down to the bottom of the Canyon where we went for a cruise along the river before a chopper ride back up to the top. An amazing experience. You really cannot comprehend the vastness of it until you see it in person. 

Gbh914 Gbh914

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Explore the grand Canyon and Pained Desert!


adara.koala adara.koala

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Visited with my mother when I was very young. Some of the best memories of traveling with her. 

Mondglanz Mondglanz

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Hatte schon 2x das Vergnügen, auch einmal mit einem kleinen Flugzeug über den Canyon geflogen...schon sehr beeindruckend!


marydelta marydelta

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 I visited it and/but I long to hike to the bottom and back! 

okn0tok okn0tok

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 It was pretty impressive.  The sheer enormity of it makes you think about your place in the world and how small you are.  I enjoyed my day tour there.  One less thing to do before I die! 

adam.stilwell.90 adam.stilwell.90

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One of the 7 natural wonders of the world

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