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National Park Fan National Park Fan

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I visited Grand Canyon National Park in August 2014 ...stayed on the rim at Bright Angel Lodge. What an amazing experience. Will have to go back someday and hike down to the falls. 

PandaJenn PandaJenn

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Did this in a helicopter and it was AMAZING!!  Definitely the best way to see the Grand Canyon and Vegas Strip! 

deniseroodenburg deniseroodenburg

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I'm not that kind of a nature lover, but the time I saw the Grand canyon i totally fell a love with nature. It was amazing, that nature can do something like that. Since that moment i appreciate mother nature more than ever. Now I can even enjoy the nature around my home.  


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September 2001..... 

CarolAnne62 CarolAnne62

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Absolutely extraordinary!


jtrummp jtrummp

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Arrived at about 5 am, just before sunrise, so it was difficult to see. Once the sun started rising, all I could do is stand there with mu mouth wide open. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen.

heyelihey heyelihey

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Stop #1 in our 2015 summer roadtrip... Amazing... looks like a backdrop  

Gbh914 Gbh914

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Explore the grand Canyon and Pained Desert!


Mondglanz Mondglanz

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Hatte schon 2x das Vergnügen, auch einmal mit einem kleinen Flugzeug über den Canyon geflogen...schon sehr beeindruckend!


okn0tok okn0tok

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 It was pretty impressive.  The sheer enormity of it makes you think about your place in the world and how small you are.  I enjoyed my day tour there.  One less thing to do before I die! 

followthelies followthelies

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Visited the Grand Canyon on 2/20/2014.

We took a train up to the top and then took a bus along the edge to get some awesome photos!!

Couldn't have asked for better weather.


Dankirby85 Dankirby85

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The most amazing thing I have seen in my life. Trek to the bottom and camped over night. 

tanjaworldwide tanjaworldwide

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We were on a roadtrip, mainly focused on California and I thought we wouldn't make it zo Arizona because we only had two weeks time. But then we went on a day trip from Las Vegas and it only took as a few hours to get to the Grand Canyon. I am so glad we did that! It really is beautifully breathtaking. I sat on the edge but instead of being afraid, I weirdly just felt peaceful.

g g

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 Visited the South Rim with my dad in 2011 and then the North Rim with my college class. The North Rim was amazing! You have to experience it for yourself. 

kuvik93 kuvik93

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 Grand Canyon is huge! If there is no place in Grand Canyon Village, it's worth staying in Williams for the night. It's one of the Historic Route 66 towns, it takes only a 1-hour-drive to get to G.C. 

BricksHawaii BricksHawaii

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 Bucket List Item #3225

mrsrowe mrsrowe

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We took a helicopter ride and landed inside of the Grand Canyon!

chantalleday chantalleday

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Suck a breathtaking place. So vast and expansive. Would love to explore more on foot nexttime


JYAK2013 JYAK2013

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The Grand Canyon was definitely an experience. Glad to say I have seen one of the 7 wonders of the world.

lenee9696 lenee9696

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 Had an amazing flight out in Grand canyon with helicopter! Wine and breakfast! It was as amazing as people say it is. 

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