Visit the Great Wall of China

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Rode in Bill Clinton's cable car up the Ming Dynasty section just outside Beijing. The Wall is one of my favorite places with breathtaking views and it's tobbogan ride!!

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On the China Trip sponsored by the Confucius Institute. It was hard work, didn't make it to the top because we didn't have enough time, met a lot of international students though. :D

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simplyoooo simplyoooo

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I actually did this in 2002 when I was on business in China for 3 weeks; it's an incredible achievement when you consider how long ago it was build.

honhold92 honhold92

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Went as part of a school trip, we were speaking at a conference about the sustainability of our school. One of the most amazing places i've ever been to, the wall took us almost straight up the side of a mountain with towers every few hundred metres, by the time we got to the 16th we couldn't see the main gate at the bottom, and we still couldn't see the top. I'm still not sure racing each other back down was the most sensible idea but we managed not to kill anyone so all's good.

They have the best signs in China, someone got the translations wrong on half of them which led to some rather comical signs

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