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RadiantKayleigh RadiantKayleigh

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I went to the Maldives with my gorgeous boyfriend J. I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves a beach holiday and complete relaxation. Our resort had it's own island, the sunsets were beautiful and the snorkelling was incredible. 


Mangjose Mangjose

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With the threat of global warming and rising sea levels, its just a matter of time before micro countries like the Maldives will be washed out of the face of the Earth. It has always been a dream destination to go to Maldives since I've known the word paradise. April 2014 after me and a friend came back from our holy week vacation in Bintan, we planned our next vacation, and it seems we were at the right time as flights to Maldives are having promotion. We didn't waste our time and booked a flight to the island nation in the middle of the Indian ocean. Maldives never disappointed us, the white sand beach, crystal clear water, golden sunset, coral walls beaming with diverse sea life, I've never seen so many fishes up close. Hands down, visiting the Maldives is a bucket list must.

dreamistru dreamistru

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SimplyYoungHQ SimplyYoungHQ

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Visited for two weeks in 2014. Amazing.  

nonghanis nonghanis

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A bit sad cuz I hadn't been on Vaadhoo Island so I could see "sea of stars" with my own eyes. Anyway, it was a great experience spending my time there.

DavieU DavieU

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Did in 2006 with my girlfriend at the time

Henrik Henrik

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 Done back in 2003, family trip. Better for honeymoons, but still very enjoyable.

DaisyDuke DaisyDuke

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I had always dreamed of going to the Maldives and i finally had the chance to get there back in 2010. It was the most amazing experience up to now! It truly is Paradise.... Can't wait to go back again.!!!

Mai2003aik Mai2003aik

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I live in Maldives. It's beautiful, the beauty never fades, only grows more beautiful and peaceful with time. 

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