Visit the pyramids of Egypt

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I was lucky enough to go to Egypt on holiday and complete this goal in 2007. I even managed to go inside one of the pyrmaids! Was so stuffy and claustrophobic though. Was a great experience. Though once you've seen the pyramids once you probably won't go and see them again. The amount of people ready to con you there is unbelieveable. Still a sight not to be missed though.


Maggie664 Maggie664

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After a hectic and rather thrilling coach ride down through the streets of Cairo we arrived at what looked like a primary school building and a not a safe looking fence with police.... once the coach was allowed through we were stunned.. not only be the pyramids but by the pot noodle and take away litter and the graffiti over the pyramids themselves. The idea and illusion that they were in the middle of no where was so very wrong, the entire city is now built right up to the steps of the pyramids. An experience I'll never forget.

shaleah269 shaleah269

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Solo travel to Cairo and Alexandria.

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