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bunnyfoofoo405 bunnyfoofoo405

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 The main attraction is that Creation of Adam ceiling painting. Trying to crane your neck upwards to see the tiny section of the ceiling that has this is practically impossible since it's shoulder to shoulder with people in there. With it being so crowded, it takes away from the atmosphere. But plenty of other art to make up for that. 

tmh34 tmh34

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You have to be extremely quiet inside the chapel and pictures are definitely not allowed! However, with my handy dandy iPhone and stealthy photo-taking abilities, I managed to snap this pic. The artwork is breathtaking.

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Bucket list must...!!

kenny.hernandez.54772 kenny.hernandez.54772

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Sin palabras, lástima que uno no puede tomar fotos

hannah.rash.16 hannah.rash.16

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It was really crowed and the gaurds are very strict but it is very beautiful to see. 

Marisa Marisa

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When I was the second time in Rome I waited for two hours to visit the Sistine chapel. Eventually we where just in time inside, because the doors closed just behind us. I've heard of people who fainted when visiting the Sistine chapel. Well, I didn't. I actually didn't like the exaggerated use of gold and paintings. It was way too busy. I only liked that I saw the famous painting for myself, but the rest of the Sistine chapel is not for my taste. 

Milou Milou

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mareferg mareferg

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 Impressive.  Truly impressive.

sarahloufisher sarahloufisher

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Rome September 2014. Crowded, hot. small. Bit disappointed


natasha_chochkova natasha_chochkova

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 A must see place :)

xxuemma xxuemma

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No talking or photography in the Chapel. Guards would occasionally come over the intercom and loudly ask tourists to be quiet.


tdarnal tdarnal

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 Absolutely beautiful!

glenda.anne.walker glenda.anne.walker

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Its tiny, hot crowded and the value of "art" you see on the way is obscene. Ah the charity of religion.


RuthEHarding RuthEHarding

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Beautiful! No words... on trip with family to Italy, Rome! 18th Birthday - 2014


chickchawterritory chickchawterritory

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To witness Michelangelo's arguably  greatest human creation known to man was a moment I'll never forget


guitargibbets guitargibbets

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Visited the Sistine Chapel in 1971


carmensan carmensan

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The highlight of my trip to Italy


isarod isarod

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got yelled at for sitting on one of the chairs 


adriennegossard adriennegossard

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GORGEOUS. It is absolutely unreal how this was all painted by hand. Absolutely a must see. 

JudithDee JudithDee

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July 2012

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