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One of the thrills of my life was to visit the Taj Mahal on our trip to India in 2001.  Just the drive to the Taj was incredible.  It seemed strange to see camels pulling carts along the side of the road - almost like I had stepped back in time.  

Walking the grounds and then across the white marble was something that I never really dreamed that I would do.  But there I was, gazing across the reflecting pool and up at the magnificence of the Taj.


belle.sanchayakorn belle.sanchayakorn

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I was soooo happy to achieve this one in my bucket list. The Taj Mahal is really amazing. Even some people told me previously that it might not be worth visiting, I immediately fell in love with the Taj Mahal once it appeared before me. Let say it's the most beautiful tomb I have ever seen in my life.. Impressive experience... Wish to go back and spend more time there next time!

tara.fernandes tara.fernandes

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missanita missanita

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One of the most amazing experiences in my life. The Taj looked like it was floating in the clouds. Truly a beautiful beautiful piece of architecture.

YoloPolo YoloPolo

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Sit on Diana's bench, watch the water buffalo bathe in the river, admire the splendour of the craftsmanship

honeybadgerwrath honeybadgerwrath

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Go to Agra, India and visit the Taj Mahal.

jamiemitchell jamiemitchell

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I don't think any trip to India is complete without a visit to this iconic building !

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2009 with Steve

marie-christine.delattre marie-christine.delattre

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Amazing experience !!!!!!


Krups Krups

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Try not to fall over when it wet! Marble is slippy:S

Take a picture where I'm bigger then the Taj^^

emilysanders941 emilysanders941

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November 2013


barkha barkha

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2011 - with Family


SaraLou SaraLou

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cheevzz cheevzz

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You have to visit it once.. its magnificent!! 

dianne64 dianne64

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the most aweinspiring place to visit. in this intense noisy, congested country to enter the grounds which were by comparison so serene and pristine. such a show of excess in such a poor country. but sooo beautiful


rwallace13 rwallace13

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I really want to visit the Taj Mahal.

This should hopefully be completed when I return from my trip to India this summer

I am visiting New Delhi and I hear that it is not far from there so hopefully I will have a few days off on my study trip and I will be able to go on a day trip :)

It was amazing! pictures soon!

Moaningminnie Moaningminnie

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