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rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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Always wanted to visit the Vatican for my Grandad who never made it in his life time. I visited in 2010 and said lite a candle for him x


melissa.9 melissa.9

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St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been inside. There were so many different sculptures and so much detail built into the doors, floors, walls and ceilings. There is so much history in the building; it is breath-taking to simply be inside those walls.


darren.grigas darren.grigas

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Special, quite, expensive!

Worth the trip a it's quite unreal in there.

warrior_mik warrior_mik

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Overcrowded luxury place.. but worth of visiting

svitlanashchedrina svitlanashchedrina

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I've been there twice. Both times it was too crowdy. Though the second time (when people gathered to say "bye" to John Paul the 2d) we waited till the late evening and there were less people.. I could have some intimate minutes praying in quiet atmosphere on the square in front of the Saint Peter's Cathedral. I've decided - if I ever have one more son, he'll be John Paul. And here he is. My 4th child is John Paul named after the noble Pope. Feeling truly blessed.

NicolMadalina NicolMadalina

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Been there few summers ago, with my boyfriend and my little bro'


MarcusSzabo MarcusSzabo

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Historical and astonishing.

Romineko Romineko

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Done that! 

indeliblebeauty indeliblebeauty

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Done - just days before the papal conclave in 2013, no less!

sisonk sisonk

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Went inside the Basiclica of St. Peter 

angelwithcurls angelwithcurls

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When studying in Italy in 2003

Curlyfry Curlyfry

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I have been here twice and I still find it to be an amazing piece of art. From the perfectly placed pillars outside, to the detail and size of the inside. Until you realize the small writing way up above is actually 6ft tall, and the alter is actually 7 stories tall.

Argon Argon

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 Even better than expected! 

wordzy wordzy

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Originally, I didn't want to go. Not being particularly religious, it seemed like not my cup of tea. Heard that you should get a tour since you get a lot more information. Not only that, but you get to bypass the huge line out front. Everything comes to life when someone explains what it is and where it came from and the significance of it all. The church basically stole most of the treasures promising eternal life in a good place. Selling indulgences at the highest level. Such corruption. Such greed.

Ironically, these treasures exist now because they were warehoused at the Vatican. The sheer number of items, not counting books and manuscripts is enormous. I can't remember what the guide said exactly, but if you spend 10 seconds on every item you would spend 1000 years doing it.

Huge statues (many male parts removed by Pope Innocence or covered by leaves), Nero's bathtub is the size of a room (25 foot radius) made out of one piece of marble, tapestries.

We were only there for a few hours and barely scratched the surface. Definitely worth your time for a visit while you are in Rome.

YoloPolo YoloPolo

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Leonardo di Vinci....hell yeah!

Ellieee Ellieee

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I was christened a Roman Catholic and a lot of my family are very religious, was great to see where it all began!

bizeemum bizeemum

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Did it...twice!

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