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Hatch Hatch

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We did a road trip from Vancouver BC all the way to LA and then off to VEGAS baby!! 

Stopping in LA we spent two days before booking it out to Las Vegas. In those two days we hit up a dodgers game, where we proceeded to have the worst soggy hot dogs in the world. But enjoyed the game nonetheless, beer and baseball usually good ol GT's. 

The next day we did the walk of fame and it was pretty cool, the place was bussling with tourist and people wandering everywhere. My full name is Preston Hatch Clymer hence the picture with the Preston Star. Overall, I would suggest comfy shoes, no hangover, short sleeves and water!  We ended up grabbing the two best tacos I've ever had at this train depot, by the Art Museams. Saying a long and sorrowful goodbye and farewell to our companion who was headed off to southeast asia. While we booked it to vegas. 


kateflorian kateflorian

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I was 13, so long ago.  But it was neat to see all the stars!


lovestrengh lovestrengh

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Visited Los Angeles and stood on a few stars. Michael Jackson, Walt Disney and Brittany Spears :) It goes on forever and your phone will run out of storage if you take a picture on every star you like.

abbey.stoetzel abbey.stoetzel

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 Took forever to find James Dean.

Youbetcha Youbetcha

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Tinkerbell1308 Tinkerbell1308

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 Something I've wanted to do since I first saw there was such a thing. Sadly we didn't have enough time to explore the whole strip but I got to see some pretty awesome stars and the hand prints

Martinezblue Martinezblue

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At the time of writing this, I technically still work in Hollywood even although I live in Vancouver. I used to walk along the walk of fame every morning on my way to class. I had seen it many visits to LA before too. It is great seeing the names of famous people and many people that I don't know. Hollywood has a poor reputation for cleanliness, they have people out cleaning the streets every morning. Don't go and touch the stars..... people pee on them. 


colleen.engel.7 colleen.engel.7

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This part of LA is always busy and crazy. Was cool to see but will probably never go back again. 


ghoney2003 ghoney2003

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Great experience! I loved it.

bilbaroo bilbaroo

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A great bucketlist tick but not somewhere I need to go back to! 

meganduffy meganduffy

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Went with mom to Los Angeles for a girl's trip. So fun to walk on the hall of fame

payton.glanz payton.glanz

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I got a picture by Marilyn Monroe and Britne Spears!

adewdwcp adewdwcp

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November 2009


prenkan prenkan

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But one time isn't enough, right!?


laurenkunis laurenkunis

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Did this with Janis. age 16

foreverroxy foreverroxy

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dearmariachi dearmariachi

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Went two times! Lots of entertainment everywhere!

Kennedyt1212 Kennedyt1212

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California 2013

Scorpion46 Scorpion46

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 1966 with Carson

lauren.breton lauren.breton

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Road trip 2014 with Simone!


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