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makeit.anyway makeit.anyway

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The day before sailing out for our Disney cruise we took a detour adventure to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This also happened to be the day that I stayed up from longer than 24 hours so Mum and Jared (who were originally going to join us) decided to stay back, sleep and go swimming at the hotel.

So there we were, two super awesome and totally cute teen girls, adventuring the world by ourselves. We took a taxi there and back and didn't die. While were we in Universal Studios we only spent time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because why would you waste time on anything else? It was so incredibly magical and amazing. We rode the broomstick ride and tried butter beer. I bought key chains and patches and a chocolate frog and tons of other really great things.

The first thing we did after freaking out about the amazing and overwhelmingness of it all was stand in line at Olivander's. At the time we had no idea what the line was for and asked several people who didn't know either, then other people asked us and we still didn't have a clue. Once we finally entered the room Amanda and I got sparated and I tried to get her to come to the side of the room I was on but she was embarrassed and didn't want to move. The magical Olivander himself  made sure we got reunited before the demonstration and then after pulled us aside and fitted us for our very own wands. The boxes came right off the shelf (not the gift shop one!) and had dust and fading like a true wand box should. Coolest thing ever? I think so. 

The pictures are of the main entrance to the park and the part of the sign for Hogsmead (you can only capture so much with an ipod camera). As well, there is a picture of us standing in front of the Hogwarts express train even though you can't really see it. (Me, Amanda)

Tamy Tamy

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 Visited in Universal Studios Japan

lbs2000 lbs2000

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 It was really interesting to see how everything was made and how it was filmed. It was particularly interesting for a Harry Potter fan like me because I got to see the costumes and props worn and used by my favourite characters.

captainlissyxx captainlissyxx

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Went on a trip with Kawtar! 



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 Visited the world of Harry Potter, was fab!

sanchit.khera sanchit.khera

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Went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and experienced the most amazing adventure ride at Universal Studios Japan.


LaurenSmart LaurenSmart

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I went here in the summer of 2015. Harry Potter is one of my favourite film franchises and it was so cool to see how things were made and props from the films.

lexierobertastabio lexierobertastabio

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 Absolutely magical! Exactly like in the movies! It felt so real! The rides were fun, the shops unique and the food was great too! Definitely recommend going if you are a Harry Potter fan!

Saramaude Saramaude

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 It is purely Magical could ask for anything better, with butterbeer everywhere and iconic shops. 100% Recommand.

RealTalkHeaven RealTalkHeaven

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 We had annual passes to Universal Studios and Island of Adventures. So we went a few times. Unfortunately, we didn't get to explore it with my mom. She passed away before we were able to take her....

rumali rumali

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I rate this 9 and 3/4 ;) haha now that I've inserted a tacky joke, I can honestly say this is one of the best things I have ever done. I went to the one near London and stayed for the entire day without seeing anything twice. I spent around $80 Australian to get a video of me flying but whatever. 

You get to see all of the real stuff they used for the movies as well as stand in the actual sets. So emotional for a true Harry Potter fan.

katy_everett katy_everett

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I have been fortunate enough to visit here several times and every time as been as magical and wonderful as the last. During one visit we were even fortunate enough to meet Evanna Lynch who played Luna Lovegood in the films which was really cool and I already want to go back.


gonzalezvilasmilagros gonzalezvilasmilagros

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It was great because I vitit it with my friends in Orlando 

sophieroselle sophieroselle

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Got us both wands and the ride was 11/10 genuinely magical 

sheonna.barca sheonna.barca

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  1. Warner Studio: Making of Harry Potter in UK - Sept 2015
  2. World of Harry Potter in USA - Sept 2017


Robbo93 Robbo93

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 Loved it. ❤️

sommemi sommemi

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I did it!!


maddisonryan93 maddisonryan93

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11 success stories


jmjemi327 jmjemi327

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Childhood dream came true.


ninabruja ninabruja

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Visited both Hogsmeade and Diagon alley. Went on the castle ride twice and rode the Hogwarts Express. Had a blast. Gringotts bank is beautiful and saw the Dragon breathe fire. You can really feel the heat. 

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