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annibisset annibisset

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My first night in New York. I was surrounded by thousands of people I didn't know, thousands of miles from anyone I did - And yet completely and utterly at home sat on the steps of Times Square, just stopping to soak in my surroundings.  A little piece of pure heaven. 

thefierceandfly thefierceandfly

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So many billboards, so many stores, so many foodstands - and everything was weirdly quiet in a way. I'll never forget my first impression of Times Square. I asked my best friend "How am I supposed to go through all those people?". Because Times Square was crowded as fuck.

But then one night when we were out, we walked by and there was only 2 people on Times Square. That was a rare sight.

nel1989 nel1989

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vildefs vildefs

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 Also visited Times Square while in NY with the Folk School. Magical! 

ThijsGroenveld ThijsGroenveld

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Really cool to see! :)  In our time there, there was an attempted terrorist attack on the Minskoff theatre on 1 may 2010. Luckily he did not succeed!

chickchawterritory chickchawterritory

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As a New Jerseyite Times Square was a jump, hop, & skip away. If you can look past the tourists and enjoy the yummy street food Times Square can actually be a fun place.

liessa liessa

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it was an amazing time with my friends! i really want to go back to NY but then it will be in the summer ;)

millow millow

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New York è sempre New York, e Times Square è l'anima, l'essenza di questa. Luci, gente, negozi.. è vita! 

E' entrare all' Hard Rock Cafè con ancora la luce del giorno e uscire bombardato da tutta quella luce.

E' stato anche perdere il portafogli, essere ricontattata per riaverlo. 

Una delle più belle esperienze.  

sarah1777 sarah1777

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Big City, Big lights, shows, magic.


bingevil bingevil

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Surpringly its a business trip. But i walked alone and enjoyed it. 


bex.adams101 bex.adams101

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New York is my all time favourite city. Want to go back so badly 🗽✈️

eikelorents eikelorents

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"I'm just happy to be here" dance :D


abhie19 abhie19

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Before -

Being a spider man fan, I have always loved New York and for some reason Times Square. I just wanna go there, close my eyes  and tell the 10 years old spidey fan that- "Look! There comes spider man!!"

After -

Well... how do you start to express a dream when it comes true. I am a true believer that we all are voracious beings, nothing can keep us satiated for long, no matter how much we get. But, as we saw in "The pursuit of Happyness", Will Smith said- "That one moment was happiness". I don't know if it was my excitement or the place was really as magical. New York has always been a glamorous place, with it's people, history, and mentions in hollywood. Since the moment I stepped in the place, I was looking at everything as if it's fascinating. Comparing every street, every corner, person with those I was seeing since my childhood in movies. They were exactly the same - the streets were bustling with life, energy, and chaos. Everyone was in some hurry to reach somewhere. There was a story in everyone's eyes. These were people who had a dream when they decided to come to the city, no matter how big or small the dream was. Some of the eyes told stories of how they could almost see their dream come true, while some had given up on those dreams and could only look the world in a cynical, desperate view. I chose to keep my dream alive, live it all, the way I had always dreamed. 

Finally, I saw Time Square in all it's glory, spreading it's digital glow on each and every portion of the street and people, making the place glow as if it was a room lit by bright bulbs from all sides. Each light contributing it's own color and hue to the magic of the place. Adding to this light show was the party of people taking pictures, sharing the magnificence of that place with the world. It was the most lively place I had seen in my life yet. It felt like a nigh-club without roof filled with poeople and enthusiasm to live their lives in one night. It was crazy, awesome and alive. Standing there in the middle of all that light, people and frenzy, I talked with the child in me and told him- "We did it". Here, I felt that "Happyness", and promised myself to seek it throughout my life.     


brooke_douglas brooke_douglas

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 october 2014

melissa.9 melissa.9

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Times Square in NYC with Eleina

martusia740 martusia740

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Times Square never sleeps ! A lot of strange people and smells but it has it's charm :D

MoonlitDream MoonlitDream

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Time  feels  like  it  moves  at  such  a  ultra-fast  rate  in  Times  Square.  That  place  never  sleeps.  It's  not  advise  to  simply  stop  in  the  middle  or  side  of  the  sidewalk;  it  ruins  the  flow  of  pedestrians  who're  undoubtedly  busy  trying  to  get  to  the  place  they  need  to.  I  admit,  I  wanted  to  just  stand  there  for  a  minute  and  take  all  of  it  it.  I'm  accostumed  to  small  areas,  so  it  was  quite  the  wake  up  call  seeing  hundreds  and  hundreds  of  strangers  passing  by  me  under  just  a  minute.  They're  living  the  life  that's  as  intricately  woven  as  mine  or  anyone  else's.  It's  easy  to  fall  under  curiosity  by  the  shops  or  restaurants  you  pass  by(if  you  do,  say  goodbye  to  your  money).


reckoner27 reckoner27

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It is as impressive as it seems in the movies!


hlarajo hlarajo

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 Broadway shows, huge electronic screens, the amount of people - overwhelming and such an experience. 

sa-pie sa-pie

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I think there are differently cooler places to go to in New York.

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