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elfen elfen

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Went to Istanbul for 6 days. 

I saw the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Moske, The Underground cistern, The Topkapı Palace and Harem, the Galata Tower, had ice cream from the funny "native" looking guys in the street, visited Princes island, went to European and Asian side, had a Turkish bath and saw sufi dancers, had lots and lots of Turish food, smoked nargila and had lots of fresh juice.

All in all a really great trip, though I'm not good at too much heat. But I went to the cinema (it had air con) twice, so it helped.

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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I visited Istanbul 2 months after the Gezi park protests. There was still a lot of tension. A beautiful city with so much to see. Best of all was that I got to visit with a local friend as a guide. Unforgettable trip! I hope I can go back


NYablonsky NYablonsky

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 July 2013. Fuckin' crazyyyy

sarahorley sarahorley

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Visited the ancient city of Ephesus and House of the Virgin Mary. Beautiful sites.

dane.birch90 dane.birch90

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I went Turkey in 2010


Raquel-Rosillo Raquel-Rosillo

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 Turkey was amazing, It was my first solo trip and I was really lucky in every possible way. I met wonderful people and I saw unbelievable sights 

RadiantKayleigh RadiantKayleigh

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This was not a great trip for me, though we probably made a few mistakes. We were booked into an area that didn't speak English and we didn't speak any other languages. Also as quite a naeve 18 year old girl, i found a lot of the men quite sleazy and i didn't like it. Even having men pressuring you to go with them after you told them you were with your boyfriend and his family.

However, i would we willing to give it another go. I know most people love it, so i think i was just unlucky. 

Stevy Stevy

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Istanbul and Vosporos tour was great, I loved the smell of local food in the air, the markets, the little villages along the seaside and the colours of the old city


vildefs vildefs

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 Visited Antalya, Turkey with my family in fall break 2011. 

Hayleyj96 Hayleyj96

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Visited Turkey (marmaris) mine and my boyfriends first holiday away together Went to turtle beach, had a mud spa, and visited ephesus

ginayams ginayams

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Visited Istanbul for Spring Break with madre dearest in April 2013

Suzysmoments Suzysmoments

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2012 family vacation 


Olabreaths Olabreaths

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 Visiting my Erasmus friends

saralarsson saralarsson

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Alanya with the fam.


squeak118 squeak118

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loved it! best student holiday saesonal job ever.


gail.purves.92 gail.purves.92

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Wow just wow!! Waking up to the beautiful chant of prayer and the beautiful city!! My birthday present from baz and we went February 2014.


delightfull delightfull

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A country with more history than you'd expect. 

binabinabina binabinabina

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amy93travel amy93travel

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2013 Vacation

roxberryz roxberryz

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 Covered mostly the touristy places of Turkey

Istanbul, Troy, Capadoccia and Pamukkale <3

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