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Every year

kkori kkori

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Feel the Turkish life, food, markets etc

Fearless Female Fearless Female

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Kusadasi 1996

Alanya 1999

Alanya 2004

Side 2014


mskimbra mskimbra

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I had dreamed of visiting Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey since I was about 8-years-old. I wanted to see and experience the childhood home of my paternal grandfather, who emigrated from the island of Halki (Heybeli) around 1910. In July of 2008, I was blessed to realize my dream and so much more. Not only did I get to experience the beautiful city of Istanbul and the island of Heybeli, I also reunited with my grandfather's family!

Pictured above (although the photo is borrowed) is the Greek Orthodox Church in which I found my cousins.

mp316 mp316

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Last year, I visited Turkey.  It was one of the more amazing experiences of my life.  The people are lovely and the place is just vibrant! The heat is also helpful! :)


Preet Preet

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As Em and I don’t go to the same secondary school we decided to go in April as it was a) convenient for us both and b) super cheap compared to summer prices. It was just our luck that we were out there by ourselves when the iclandic volcano erupted and we were stranded for just under two weeks! At first it was daunting, people were going crazy and were panicking that we wouldn’t be able to get a flight home, Em and I suddenly wanted the comfort of our parents and we were worried that we would be stuck for weeks which meant that we would miss our end of year exams which were really important. However, as days went by we saw on the news that the ash cloud was receding it was just going to take some time. So we did what 17 year olds should do. We had fun!! We drank alcohol after I persuaded a charming barman, we got to know other holiday makers (frenchie the fittie (who was French and rather fit. Hence the nickname) Uncle don the wanker ( his words exactly, this south African man who started to chat t us at the bar one day and told us about his life) Bryane (his daughter and a hopeful Olympic swimmer, Chuckie (an unfortunate holiday rep who bore a resemblance to that freaky doll, Pervy Bill (think the name speaks volumes don’t you?) Gino (touchy feely guy who worked at the hotel and didn’t have a clue what personal space meant) and many more. Sounds silly but by the end our time there we felt like we had made a little family of friends and we re still in touch with some of them today (ahh the wonders of facebook).

Jordylijssel Jordylijssel

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ElinHell ElinHell

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Spent a night in Istanbul. Hotel payed for by the airline, since it was their fault we missed out connecting flight. They also payd for a 3 course dinner. Very nice :)

All I can find at the moment is a picture of the bed at the hotel. I hope I remember to arrenge my photos soon and maybe I will find something better.[email protected]/6327622818/in/photostream



Paulaguy Paulaguy

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Spent a week in Turkey 5th to 12th May 2013

jjdignam jjdignam

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Very warm weather, got a nice tan and the people were so lovely!

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