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retrokd retrokd

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Last year I took the last of my money and flew to Venice. I met up with an old friend and together we spent the next 6 weeks visiting each city in Italy. I was suffering from depression and anxiety at this point in my life and had been for at least 4 years. The journey cleansed a lot of my mind and I finally got to see the city that, to me, is one of the most beautiful things humans have contributed to this planet. Photography and video simply can not convey how much of a masterpiece the entier city is.

Fearn_Bonner Fearn_Bonner

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As part of my Europe holiday I got the chance to go to Venice. It was a crazy experience and there was a bit of "location shock". I found it absolutely amazing how the city actually is floating.The biggest challenge I had was that Venice is probably the easiest city in the world to get lost in. The place is a maze of alleys, courtyards and bridges. Small canals weave in and around the city. Street names are rarely seen. All you have to navigate with is small numbers painted on the walls of most buildings. We got lost more than once. I have never seen so many mask or gelato shops in one place, but I cant say I didn't enjoy it.To be honest I think I ate my body weight in gelato and I don't regret it at all. The favorite flavor I had was coconut which was a shock as in general coconut is not my first choice in food but the gelato was DELICIOUS. (I would also recommend dark chocolate) Every restaurant was amazing but they do trick you by putting bread sticks on your table then charging you an extravagant price. The food is fantastic, the sights are amazing, the people are lovely... Venice is a place I would recommend to everyone and I would even say that it a place everyone needs to visit. It was the perfect family holiday location.


valeriavale valeriavale

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Let's's near! 

cholange cholange

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 Since I was little I would always say I want to go to Venice. For some reason the city always attracted me. It was surreal when I got there and being surrounded with water was an incredible experience.

megaynr megaynr

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I went in April 2013 with my ACM group for a long weekend- it was truely incredible. The city felt like it was magical, floating on the water. I then took my mom there in May, I remember sitting having a belini with her and watching the sun glisen on the water and feeling like I could stay there forever.


shamrock317 shamrock317

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My husband and I traveled with another couple to Italy a few years ago and spent three days of the trip in Venice.   It was a gorgeous city in June!!  We all had picked one thing that we each wanted to do while we were in Italy and three of the four items occurred in these three days.   Our friend wanted to go to the Casino de Venizia which is supposedly the oldest casino in Europe (that's what he told us) and has been featured in a lot of different movies so we all dressed up in fancy dresses and suits and had dinner there and then gambled a bit.  All of the staff were in tuxedos or long gowns - very elegant!  

My husband's pick was a restaurant on the neighboring island of Burano.   He had seen it profiled on Anthony Bourdain at some point, and being the foodie that he is, that was his choice.   The restaraunt was Del Romano and they make the best risotto that I've ever had, as well as all of the fresh seafood.   The island itself used to be a place where "starving artists' were trying to make their work known, and the restaurant walls are covered in all types of art that was traded for meals (and some of these artists' work are only found in museums or private collections now!)

My pick was a cemetary, an odd choice perhaps, but they are one of my favorite places to visit.   There was another island close to Venice that was a dedicated cemetery - San Michele.   The history there was unbelievable and the monuments were all well tended and cared for.

The remainder of the time in Venice was spent scouting out the various side streets and canals - a bit of shopping, eating, and drinking amazing wine.  



NipSlip NipSlip

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Went to Venice on my trip through Europe. So beautiful, such cute little laneways everywhere. Absolutely loved it

jelena93 jelena93

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3rd year of high school, 6 days trip with my generation, April-May 2011 

samion samion

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Met amazing people and very good friends ♥


eshankar eshankar

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  • Grand Canal
  • Piazza San Marco: San Marco Campanile, Saint Mark's Basilica​, Doge's Palace
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Santa Maria della Salute


fedakkia fedakkia

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i was 10...that's explain that embarassing hat


0blivion 0blivion

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Venice is beautiful in August. I was fortunate to be there at night and see a comedy in the park - well worth the evening drive.


MeredithMacy MeredithMacy

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6th Grade and Senior Year spring break


rachel.doyle.731 rachel.doyle.731

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I have visited Venice twice. 2011 with Mark tops any visit. Loved falling asleep on the Beach at the Lido and exploring the streets

sarraabobarraa sarraabobarraa

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Ate pizza, toured a church, walked the streets, and watched a glass blower. 

mollydog925 mollydog925

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This is one of my top 5 favorite cities in the world. So beautiful. 


Kherin Kherin

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I buy the ticket for me and my mom for her birthday. We visited Milan, Venice, Verona and Bologna.  

marie_nmr marie_nmr

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Such an amazing city


mollsumner mollsumner

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 It was so wonderful, we went on a Gondola and I loved it so much. I sat right at the front. We then went for a walk and I got a slush which was actually rather disgusting. We sat down in St Marks Square and ordered some drinks and just watched everyone passing by, people were getting wedding pictures taken there and it was so busy, we went for a walk and ended up getting lost and went down all these cute little walkways but it was still overall just extremely wonderful.

ellamariadimambro ellamariadimambro

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 2011- but want to go back with new friends to make BETTER memories

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