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bilbaroo bilbaroo

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Definitely a must-visit for me, it was cool seeing the landmarks but we wish we'd walked round the other side of the White House! 

WastedSugar WastedSugar

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We traveled to Washington, D.C. for Awesomecon, and got to see some other greats sites while we were there. We saw the FBI building, Chinatown, and the White House (from a distance). We can't wait to go back for a proper visit when there isn't a convention.

gomezcamilo gomezcamilo

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Everything is so organized and clean. You feel in a movie.


KaraT KaraT

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I was able to visit briefly while I was attending a business convention (AIPLA). I am putting this back on my bucket list - so that I can visit just to see the sights, museums, and soak in the history.


On this trip I visited:

Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument (however it was closed because of damage from the earthquake - reopens in 2019), Iwo Jima (U.S. Marine Corps Memorial), WW II Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, JFK Eternal Flame, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Rode the Metro (subway), Took a night tour of all the buildings, Took a 2 day bus tour (hop on, hop off). Reflection Pool, 

michelle_bigony michelle_bigony

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Hopped on the Big Red Bus Tour on Friday and saw the Monuments and Memorials. Went out on U Street Friday night. Went to Union Market and the Smithsonian on Saturday. Sunday went to the Smithsonian Castle, Botanical Gardens, and Cathedral.


wjdslimjim wjdslimjim

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I had never been to DC before which makes me feel unamerican.  But I finally did the tour after 20 years of living.

Jazlynrose Jazlynrose

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 It was beautiful!!!!

rubenmherrera rubenmherrera

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I had a whole week to visit this unique city I went through all the museums and I visited most of the landmarks I got to learn a lot and experience it like never before

ceckerty ceckerty

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Done. I visited Washington D.C. with my family for our first ever family vacation in July 2010. We drove out there and stayed for about a week. The picture shows two of my sisters and I at one of the museums, I'm on the left.

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Everything is walking distance in D.C. wear comfortable shoes!

justcallmeroy justcallmeroy

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It was so fun got to visit the zoo and see some of the monuements

Ianroberts66 Ianroberts66

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Saw the White House, the pentagon and arlington cemetery. As well as getting drunk with an air traffic controller who bought us our drinks on his company tab. Awesome!

rosemaryale rosemaryale

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Studied in American University, DC for 2 years. This is a picture from freshman year with my friends at the National Zoo

foralaura foralaura

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completed summer 2010


katielhoward10 katielhoward10

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I've grown up living thirty minutes from D.C. so visiting was never anything spectacular. As I;ve grown up I've realized how blessed I am to have this huge city in my backyard. Millions of people dream of being able to visit D.C. and I can go there on a whim any afternoon I please. I like how familiar I've become with the city and I hope to learn to appreciate it more. 


mpatience mpatience

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I completed this goal in August 2013, I saw the White House, the slums, Ocean city, biked around downtown Washington, visited the Holocaust Museum, saw all the monuments and so many other attractions that were just an amazing experience.


eshankar eshankar

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  • The White House
  • Washington Monument
  • Ford Theatre
  • ​Smithsonian - National Museum of Natural History, National Portrait Gallery
  • National Archives
  • Capitol Hill
  • Library of Congress
  • U.S. Botanical Gardens
  • National Mall - Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. memorials


TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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1998: Trip w/Tanya ... during hurricane Dennis!


jim.gray.146 jim.gray.146

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Lots of walking. 

planguage.language21 planguage.language21

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visited in July 2012 

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