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chantalleday chantalleday

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So far I can only think of 1 volunteering thing I have done at the EE techy tea party teaching the elderly how to use technology. I would like to do something bigger...


melissa.9 melissa.9

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Ovie Mughelli, an Atlanta Falcons football player, came to my office to speak. His speech was so inspiring, it made me want to do more so I volunteered to work at his youth football camp. Ovie, Chauncey Davis (Atlanta Falcons) and Daniel Wilcox (Baltimore Ravens) worked with the youth to teach them football fundimentals. It was really hot and I spent a lot of time filling up water cups and helping out wherever I was needed. I had a great time too!

Ago Ago

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 GOve something back to my community by volunteering at a worthy cause.

Samanthamum Samanthamum

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July 25, 2014 — Springfield, OH

This is probably going to happen for me very soon! Oh, I hope. I heard about this really interesting organization called On-The-Rise. It is located on a farm! The purpose of the organization is to provide a stable environment for at-risk youth. The kids get to work on the farm in all kinds of ways...they even get to take goods to the local farmer's market! I don't know the first thing about working on a farm, but I'm sure I will learn quickly. And I'm sure I will truly enjoy it, especially if I get to help kids.

09/12/2014 I started volunteering with On-The Rise in August, so I met my deadline! :D I haven't done a whole lot, but I am starting to get the hang of things. I got to wash and package eggs for the first time... I thought it was fun! I have spent much more time with the boys than the girls, so I'm going to try to get in with the girls more this month. I plan to add more updates in the future.

janclaes janclaes

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I volunteered at many summer camps for children that are poor, disabled, institutionalized, etc.

ShainaCota ShainaCota

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I help volunteer for Friends of Willow & Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland!

FOW (March - September, 7 months)

ARLGP (May - September, 5 months)

katherinefix katherinefix

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Fed the homeless/hungry with Gennette, her boys, kaylie, keira and FrankieFrankie


Smamberella Smamberella

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Volunteering in Costa Rica - it was amazing! 

spdfbucketlist spdfbucketlist

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Done this many times and am continuing to do so.

grapejuice0 grapejuice0

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Volunteered at a frisbee tournament, one of the best experiences. I wonder if there has ever been a duck on this field?

sumer2k13 sumer2k13

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Volunteered at the Color Run.

bryanhughes5791 bryanhughes5791

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Volunteer at the Cascades Humane Society.

thetannedpolarbear thetannedpolarbear

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I volunteer as a young leader at a local cub group. Though I still want to volunteer at an old peoples home to read to them.

StandardDeviate StandardDeviate

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It actually does feel really good to do. Sometimes I get depressed and don't feel like I'm worth much as a person but this makes me realize that I can be needed if I want to be. Plus you meet positive, inspirational, interesting people along the way and make new friends.

risla.naffas risla.naffas

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Volunteering with many different stuff. Enjoying every ride. This is the most beautiful goal I've done.

annemartejakobsen annemartejakobsen

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Three years ago I went to a convention called Banzaicon, and I had a blast while being there and created memories for life. I even met my first, and hopefully only, boyfriend there! A year later we both had the opportunity to volunteer at the same convention and we said yes. It was a good piece of work and very interesting to be a part of, but it wasn't the same anymore for many reasons. I will never regret that I did this, because I learned a lot and created fun memories.

polkadot17 polkadot17

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I volunteer at a youth club every week now with younger kids, not my cup of tea but I feel good knowing I'm making myself useful.

kriscookies kriscookies

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 I do work for the red cross and did some work for the willem helpt who go to Thailand, sadly I couldn't come with them.

valentinscholz valentinscholz

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Essen fahren für Haus Lindenhof 

kori.bleak kori.bleak

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This should be done more than once as often as possible!!  Have volunteered so far for:  The Utah Humane Society, The Utah Food Bank, The Utah Arts Festival..... keep going!


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