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Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

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talyn77 talyn77

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 This was a seriously long walk and when 300,000 people meet in the middle you can't move.

dejavu4alreadyseen dejavu4alreadyseen

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 Even with my fear of hights I did this and it was amazing.

dawnxmiranda dawnxmiranda

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Its my birthday. And we go to San Francisco but its raining. So we stayed in the car. But Im so happy!!

Cutiepie1017 Cutiepie1017

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 It was very windy.

jacek jacek

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Enjoyed going across the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset with the sky lit up red over the Pacific. The view of San Francisco from the bridge is spectacular. You don't have to dodge bikes on the bridge thanks to a dedicated bike lane. Sausalito has a special character with houses perched up high on the surrounding hills.


CardiganGirl CardiganGirl

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Took my back then boyfriend on his first trip to SF!

kalchang kalchang

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I walked with my friend Kristen. The walk took about 1-1/2 hour to go across one side then back. The view was amazing. You can feel sway of the bridge.

Epinephrine21 Epinephrine21

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Update date and details


tracy.shorey.7 tracy.shorey.7

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Completed Sept 15. Loved san francisco

Graci3 Graci3

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 WOW!!!  Such an experiance walked over it so many times i just cant remeber and it is breathtaking at night time and you can see Alkatraz from it!!!!!!

hcohen hcohen

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I walked across the golden gate bridge in my boxers


shacker shacker

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We've lived in the Bay Area for a decade, but had never gotten around to walking the length of the Golden Gate bridge. Finally did it today. It was OK. The views and architecture are incredible, but you're right next to six lanes of traffic, and it's so loud  you really can't talk. And there's a slight waft of smog in the air at all times. Worth doing once I suppose, but wouldn't do it again.


glloftin glloftin

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I lived in San Francisco for 3 years and never walked across the bridge until we decided to take my niece and nephew (visiting from out of town).  I'm afraid of heights, so the little gap between the road and side walk along with the swaying of the bridge keep me moving at a brisk pace!  But, we made it. :) [email protected]

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I love this city and getting to walk the bridge and just take in the views was magical

viranjan viranjan

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First time visit to SFO with my wife.. had wonderful time..


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