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Starsprinkled Starsprinkled

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This place is gorgeous.  And has so many falls. I was surprised.  It was such a neat outside thing to do.  And definitely romantic.  I had a blast! 


Tom89 Tom89

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Well-known path around Seljalandsfoss watterfall, Iceland,


camkins88 camkins88

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Scarlett and I walked behind a waterfall in Wales, we couldn't get any good phots though as there were so many other people there.

jeccaree jeccaree

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9 August 2012 - As the remnants of Hurricane Ernesto chased us across the Yucatan in Mexico, we visited Misol-Ha. Because of the heavy rains you couldn't trek all the way across behind the waterfall, but you could go pretty far. The power of the water was intense and exhilarating. 

blance24 blance24

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Little Navajo falls in Havasupai, AZ.

skyecielo skyecielo

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The rushing of the water was really loud but because we were in this cave-like labyrinth, all you could really see was the water rushing by through the hole in the rock. When we stepped onto the observation deck, however it was quite a sight.

(The pic isn't mine, but this will give an idea as to what we experienced on the observation deck).

aja.fewell aja.fewell

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Ok so i didnt get to walk but I did sit behind a waterfall. Close enough :)


ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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I walked behind Chush Falls outside of Sisters Oregon. There was a little path that lead behind the fall. My boyfriend and I got completely soaked but it was worth it! The view and the spray from the mist was worth the 5 mile hike on a beautiful sunny day =D 





dianavelting dianavelting

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On a camping trip with friends, we decided on a whim to cross the water and climb behind the waterfall. It was amazing and we found  a cute little orange lizard... a newt, I think. 

lemaire.layla lemaire.layla

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I did an erasmus in Nort-carolina and we went to the hanging rock.


sm543 sm543

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We went canyoning through the Blyde River Canyon National Park... such an AMAZING experience!

isabel.lily.doshi isabel.lily.doshi

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 I went to Ohiopyle and walked behind the Cucumber Falls. It was really cool and I think everyone who loves waterfalls and nature should do it.


1. Bring a bathing suit, you are going behind a waterfall, water

2. Be careful, rocks can be slippery and if you get hurt it ruins the trip.

3. Go with friends, I suggest going with friends or family because it makes the trip even more enjoyable. Plus they can take pictures of you behind the waterfall. But if you are looking for some peace and to connect with nature you can certainly go alone.

4. Bring a camera, if you are alone you can take pictures of the falls and the scenery, and if you are with friends or family they can take pictures of you behind the falls.

5. Go in the summer, it will be hot yes, but the water will cool you off. In the summer it does not rain much, and make sure you check the weather forecast. You want to be there on a perfect day.

6.Bring an extra pair of clothes, when you get wet it is great to get into some soft dry clothes

I hope that these tips make your trip awesome when every you go

kiananylee kiananylee

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I walked behind a waterfall at Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, CO. 

Krinna Krinna

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Probably would have been a better idea in the summer... 

suhani.aryal suhani.aryal

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on a trip


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 Did this at Niagara Falls (Cave of the Winds) tour

OrcaSpitt OrcaSpitt

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Niagara Falls, American side.  1999

Hellosunshine23 Hellosunshine23

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 Honestly it was magical. It was in a waterfall in Indonesia. I think it was in Sumba. It was such a beautiful waterfall and it was honestly such a magical thing. (Not my picture but that is the waterfall I went to). My parents had saved up for this trip and they really wanted to go here because this is one of my dads childhood places (hes not indonesian but he lived here for 6 months) and this family recognized him and took us here. It was a great experience. 

kathryn.mee.56 kathryn.mee.56

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jesmat jesmat

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In South Mexico


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