Walk through a Corn Maze

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HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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 I was constantly lost and my brother and I hunted on each other until we were too tired to walk! This is really awesome and everyone should do it!

ZombieGirl ZombieGirl

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For the first time today both my boyfriend and I at the age of 23 entered our first ever corn maze. We found it pretty entertaining and got lost a lot! The theme of the maze was Godzilla. There was a viewing platform at one point with a slide attached to it.....so of course I went down it! =) I want to do one again,but in the middle of the night with more of a haunted theme to it. This one was fun but more kid/family friendly and I want rated R. ;)  

We made it out in about 35-45 minutes,we did take a short cut though after we kept going in a loop for 5 minutes. haha I think a fall festival/corn maze is something everyone should do at least once. 

jadenemma jadenemma

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While at Tatton Park me and Simon went for some tea and cake but as we walked we saw a small corn field.


We decided to jump the fence, Simon reluctantly and walked through a corn maze and bumped into some halloween manakins. Creepy!

I've not felt my heart skip a beat in a while and doing something you shouldn't is too fun!

smcmanaway smcmanaway

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Schnepf Farms, 2014


Audiaa Audiaa

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The corn maze was so much fun!  I've upgraded this goal for a next year to find all of the check points in the maze.  We found 4 out of 6 in the smaller maze, and didn't really look for them in the larger maze.  It's much harder to navigate than I thought it would be especially in the dark!  I can't wait to go again.

MoonlitDream MoonlitDream

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It was...




twistedjupitor twistedjupitor

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 Wet and soggy but definitely got the point of getting lost. Next time I want to try flashlight corn maze

ceckerty ceckerty

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I did this with friends from church in October 2012. It was so much fun. We went to Treinen Farms in Lodi, WI. The picture shows what the maze looked like that year.

lnnoble lnnoble

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:) October 2012

taliexox taliexox

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Always thought this looked cool but kind of scary! It turns out its just really fun and cool! Did this in Vancouver,Canada 


strawberrishorts121 strawberrishorts121

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Went through this last year with my best friend we were both freaked out lol

mobprincess2714 mobprincess2714

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It was pretty fun!

kaleb.junker kaleb.junker

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 I did a corn maze in Fall of 2015 at Barn Stahl Family Center near Wellsburg, IA with Naomi Albright. We got lost a few times, but it was a fun time and I would do it again. 

tomtom.roklion tomtom.roklion

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Before I went I thought this was kid stuff, but it is VERY DIFFICULT actually. But we eventually finished it :) There were lots of other fun farm activities too - pig racing, etc...

sguthreau sguthreau

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It was a fun experience but it was long and very difficult.


wycherley86 wycherley86

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 I had a map, I wasn't the best navigator, but we made it. The wine was a nice touch.

Maya.P Maya.P

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One school holidays, my Dad, big sister and I went to the place called The Amazing Maze N' Maze. It was a corn field set up as a maze. We forgot to take one of the big flags at the start and got lost. It took us over an hour to figure out how to get out and we ended up coming out at the entry of the maze. It was a lot of fun and we made some good memories 

gg123x gg123x

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A few times with my cousin, brother and grandparents! 

khsnowflake khsnowflake

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I did it as a childd and was pretty fun.

Gino Gino

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