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Capital Ex - an annual fair in Edmonton, Alberta - always has many attractions for it's guests. One that always captivated me was the butterfly conservatory. There, guests could walk around a netted walkway with butterflies roaming free all aaround them. They may even land on you. There is also an incubation box where, if you have good and lucky timing, you can watch a butterfly hatch. I was lucky enough to ecperience this and am extremely greatful for the chance to see life happen.

Eneeli Eneeli

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During my 4-month internship at Changi Airport, I had the employee's pass to to the Transit Area where the true treasures lie.

The Butterfly Garden in T3 never ceased to invoke wonder with its natural surrealism. The garden contained more than 1000 free-flying butterflies in a large two-storey greenhouse. Besides admiring at these winged beauties, there is an aptly named Emergence Enclosure where they housed the developing pupae from the 47 butterfly species.

The Emergence Enclosure

I was simply in the right place at the right time. Watching a wet butterfly struggle its way out of the cocoon and spreading mottled wings to dry is one of nature's breath-taking sights.

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In High School we took care of caterpillars so they could become butterflies. While in class they started to hatch! I watched out come out right in front of me! It was amazing~ =w=

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 I have witnesses this miracle with my students as I teach 2nd grade....It was truly miraculous............

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 Set up a great butterfly net tower and ordered the caterpillars online, bit worried how they would fare being posted but they were well insulated etc. they were for my daughter to see the process and it worked brilliantly, she feed them every day and watched them change and waited eagerly for them to open and let the butterfly out. All six hatched but one had a slightly deformed wing although it could still fly, we released them the next day. They enjoyed our buddleia plants etc and we've had butterflies every year since. Would do it again.

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