Watch a meteor shower

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TrinityTraveler TrinityTraveler

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August 2012


elfen elfen

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I have done this at my parent's farm. My (ex)boyfriend was mad at me so he didn't want to speak to me/come out to see it. Too bad for him!

camokat camokat

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Whether it's laying flat out on the trampoline with blankets and family on late summer nights losing count of Perseids, waking up when I was 11 in the middle of the night to the streaking blind of a meteorite landing feet from my window in early August, or howling along to a steel guitar lakeside this past Memorial Day weekend, faces and Mountain Dew cans illuminated by the campfire glow whilst keeping an eye out for Aquariids, some of my best memories have involved counting stars.


Te Te

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I wasn't able to take a photo of the actual meteor shower we saw so credits to for this.

Descriptively, what we saw were a series of falling stars with around 1-2 minutes of interval in between. We were lying by the beach (Calaguas) when we saw the first "fallen" star. I made a wish! But sadly, I only made one and it didn't come true. 

This doesn't mean I won't wish if I ever see meteor showers again. 

HomoToeristika HomoToeristika

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 One of the most unforgetable nights ever! <3

WhiteVenice WhiteVenice

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Bristol Chew Valley Lake 2016 

lhingan lhingan

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  • 14th Dec, 2014 

It was almost 10 in the night when the meteor shower started. At first.. I don't feel any exciting about the event, actually I have a tattoo appointment on that night. People at the campus were running like crazy to the front park, people were started laying there, screaming over a meteor shower. I went out for a food and to get my tattoo done. When I was on the way back to dorm, I called one of my friend, Prim, she told me to go meet her. There's Aom, Prim, Mike, Pia over there we're gonna watch the meteor shower together! I was like okay, whatever because the dorm closes at 12:30 am that time so its fine with me. 

I met them at the forbidden park, where we sneaked in with 3 motorcycles. It was fun. There were 7 people all together in a forbidden park, where its dark but really beautiful. The meteor shower was so clear, we were like wow, enjoy the moment, smoke our cigarettes. Shit talking up and laughing together. We smoke like a pack of cigarettes then left. But our craziness just couldn't stop there... on our way back dorm we were playing with the traffic cones too. Benz was riding, then there's Boy who grabbed the traffic cones and then there's me. Lol. couldn't ask for more, we were laughing so hard last night. And oh.. Pia broke his phone while riding a motorcycle too. Too bad. :-(  

I guess ... actually the thing that matters the most is that you're with your best friends and its already perfect. Nothing else is needed. ♡

iszafaye iszafaye

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It was with my best friends when we watched a meteor shower. An unforgettable experience with them <3 And I hope to do it again sometime. 


Soulvision Soulvision

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I love watching meteor showers, they're just amazing! I saw my first one in 1990 and watch them ever since. When the weather allows it, i make up a bed on my balcony and look at the night sky all night until i fall asleep. My favorite meteor shower to watch is therefore the Perseid Meteor Shower which yearly peaks at August 12/13.

Watching the night sky makes you realize how tiny we are in something so much bigger than us and helps to see things in perspective ♥

Meteor Showers Library

  1. January: Quadrantids
  2. April: Lyrids
  3. May: Eta Aquarids
  4. August: Perseids
  5. October: Draconids
  6. October: Orionids
  7. November: Leonids
  8. December: Geminids
  9. December : Ursids

For more info, time, date and where to look check here

Amuzerz Amuzerz

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On holiday, me and my dad saw one! i saw 4 he saw 3!

ojasvi0723 ojasvi0723

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December, 2012.

vcmassim vcmassim

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stargazing with college friends. love. :)

catthekiwi catthekiwi

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 Saw one on Feb 2015 nbut would like to see a more spectacular one at some stage.  It's just a matter of googling when the next events are likely to occur in the Southern hemisphere and waiting up to see them. 

This link gives all the dates and times for possible events.

alexandra.krause2 alexandra.krause2

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 Unexpected, overwhelming, magic, wishes came true.

JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 We walked out to a hillside with our blankets and pillows, and lay on a hillside under the stars. It's so dark here that we could see the band of stars that form the edge of the Milky Way.

The meteors were amazing - most were thin fast streaks of light that zipped across the sky, but some came unbelievably close to us. There was one that we saw that was huge, and so close that we could see a dark core ingulfed in orange flames. It lit up the ground and left a smoke trail above us. We weren't sure where it landed, but it seemed big enough that it wouldn't completely burn up and hit the ground somewhere. 

I've never seen one so close and so large before - truly amazing.

We made plenty of wishes tonight :)

PickNchinks PickNchinks

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I had to stay out till like 4/5am ish to actually see the peak but it was so worth it!! Me and a group of friends sat in the middle of a field (to avoid light pollution) wrapped in blankets eating McDonalds (I got a happy meal!!) screaming every 10 minutes when we actually saw a shooting star. 

ABeckett ABeckett

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Saw the 2015 Draconid Meteors.


badwolf88 badwolf88

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Saw the Draconids over at Whitelee Windfarm. Some were fireballs just blazing through the night sky. It was an incredible experience.

MagsArtificem MagsArtificem

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 It was years ago and we didn't have the best spot but it was magical.

nickscho nickscho

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Hildenborough (Thought we were going to die.)


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