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Pickles Pickles

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A very disappointing experience as i spent 4 hours out at sea without any activity, upon returning to port we saw a glimpse of a whale tail.  

It pales in comparison to my very fortunate experience on Long Island jetty in 2005 when a mother and her calf cruised past us early one morning.

The attached photos are from the jetty on Long Island, and the ones on the boat are from Sydney Harbour where we took the whale watching cruise


apoland79 apoland79

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April 2014


I had no interest whatsoever in going on to a boat in the middle of the Arctic Ocean for 4hrs in hopes of maybe seeing a whale.

It was cold. It was snowing.

...and it was AMAZING.

By far, the most surprisingly favorite thing we did in Iceland. About an hour into the trip, we encountered a few dolphins and a small minke whale. Then, a few minutes later, a giant whale decided to show off for our boat. For nearly an hour, the whale surfaced, blew water from his spout, and flipped his tail at us. It was a magical moment, and I know I was lucky to have experienced it. Even the boat crew was amazed, and bragged to the other boats when we got back to the harbor. Because the whale was so sporadic and quick, and we were running from one side of the boat to the next to see him, it was hard to get a great picture, but that made it even better - it was something to be experienced in the moment, without worrying about trying to capture it on film.

Amazing experience!

Cindels - Traveling blondie Cindels - Traveling blondie

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I have seen a whale in my own Town. 


First time they are in the bay in over 30 years and I am the lucky one to snap it as well

 And its my first time I have seen a whale, EVER!!!!!!

tracywight tracywight

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We went to Hawaii for a girls trip.  While we were swimming with the turtles and dolphins a whale jumped in front of us.  It was amazing.  


AieshaP AieshaP

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 A couple of years ago, my family and I went on a caravan trip around the South Island of New Zealand. Before we went to Christchurch for our flight back to Auckland, we went to a small town called Kaikoura where we went on a boat and went whale watching. There were so many Sperm Whales popping up all over the place. We also saw seals and the endangered Duskey Dolphins. It was truly an amazing experience and something I would recommend for others. 

Maya.P Maya.P

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 When I was seven years old, my family and I went on a caravan trip around the South Island of New Zealand. We visited a place called Kaikoura where we went whale watching. We saw Sperm Whales, Duskey Dolphins, Seals and we even saw a shark! It was a really fun experience 

annejasmijnp annejasmijnp

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I went whale watching but i barely saw them... very sad 

partychild partychild

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Went Whale Watching in Prince Rupert, BC. Canada, August 2/2015.


lisa515 lisa515

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 1/5/15:  For Devin's birthday, we bought a Groupon so that we could take the day and go out Whale Watching.  It was the last day before the girls go back to school.  Since it was a Monday, traffic and crowds were light.  We took Devin, Taylor, Bailey, Natalie, Fernando and Vinny.  It was fun.  We saw a few different types of whales and dolphin pods.  The girls took their very nice cameras, but couldn't get too many pictures because the whales came and went fast and unexpectedly.  It's not something I would do again and again, but I'm glad we did it.  And anytime out on a boat out on the ocean is great.  The weather was beautiful and so was the sunset.

sophiejean71 sophiejean71

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I went on a whale watch in Cape Cod. It was absolutely incredible and the whales were coming right up under our boat. It was very humbling seeing such a huge animal


michee michee

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October, 2012 Boston, MA, USA

MicheleK MicheleK

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Wonderful experience! 

tinydancer196 tinydancer196

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I saw beluga and humpback whales.


Katschai Katschai

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Did a whale watching tour in Victoria, BC. Saw a school of Orcas and thwo Humpback Whales.

jadenb jadenb

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Saw a couple of whales, two of them came RIGHT up to our boat! And a little seal swimming all alone out in the ocean.  

laila_7 laila_7

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June 2013: Madagascar honeymoon 

carina.maria carina.maria

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Whale and define watching tour in Tenerife. Amazing to see these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.

Myria666 Myria666

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Whales are my favorite animal so whale watching was a special event for me. My Aunt's friend took me out on his personal boat and we got to see Humpback whales. I loved it.  

EmpressLulu EmpressLulu

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Did it with my bf (of sorts), my twin sister, and her husband. It was really fun, and the whales will get so close to your boats sometimes, it's so cool!

workoutwithdi workoutwithdi

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 Done this twice now!

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