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Witness a Miracle

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madisonkinnard madisonkinnard

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Turns out it was my own miracle! I survived septic shock, myocarditis, and cardiac arrest in what doctors called a "miraculous recovery." When I woke up from my coma, I truly felt it was a miracle that I was alive.

jim.gray.146 jim.gray.146

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 I did see the birth of my Sons, so i consider that a miracle

Rhythm_TTM Rhythm_TTM

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 I witnessed the miracle of this amazing little girl. 

mariapaz mariapaz

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Rubie-Redd Rubie-Redd

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My friend Joey who has several kidney transplants. Then I find out that he was on a waiting list for ONLY 10 DAYS AND HE GOT A KIDNEY DONAR. I say that is a miracle because people have been placed on waiting list and died before receiving a transplant.

rockysanders rockysanders

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 My life is a miracle.  I have survived a heart attack, open heart surgery, the removal of part of my lung and a major stroke.

hairtactics hairtactics

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 I witnessed the birth of three grandchildren i could not possibly think of anything more of a miracle

n.orakathleen n.orakathleen

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We witness miracles everyday but some people just don't know it 

RosieLovesHerb RosieLovesHerb

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My son fell out of a 2nd story window when he was 2 years old. I was hysteric and thought he wasn't going to make it. I love my son incredibly and couldn't bare to lose him, I cried and prayed, and my prayers were answered. My son had a full recovery, spent a week in the hospital and was discharged to go home. My son was my miracle

cwalls cwalls

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I've witnessed too many miracles to my life to even remotely doubt the existence of God. From seeing people physically healed of ailments with no remedy to mental issues that God instantly renewed their minds.. Many beautiful moments that I am thankful to have witnessed!





rlwalton rlwalton

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 My brother came out of a coma after I gave it to God and asked for me right after!

bittner.amanda bittner.amanda

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Watched a man talking with doctors go into a v-fib, go unconscious, get shocked twice and then sit up and start talking again. The miracle is that he was in the exact right location at the exact right time.


Kristykim99 Kristykim99

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i should have died in the womb before i was born but i didnt.


lovetta10062 lovetta10062

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 The birth of my sons.


nickidyminssx nickidyminssx

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I watched myself give birth =)


victoria1982j victoria1982j

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 I saw a guys leg grow back to it's normal length a few years ago

14emilyyyy 14emilyyyy

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1 success storie

Church Camp-Trev.

Florchus25 Florchus25

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i saw a shooting star



melrob melrob

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34 success stories

My boys!


alexandriaemocling alexandriaemocling

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MANY. TIMES. HAHAHAHA! Almost everyday. 


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