Witness an Eclipse

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This happened on my BDAY!! absolutely amazing experience, everything gets chilly and sort of dark. I didnt witness the full eclipse but what i did see was pretty incredible. :)  

wtekanawa wtekanawa

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It was a lunar Eclipse, Blood red moon in Auckland


JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 I only found out about this one day before it happened, so I didn't have the chance to get eclipse glasses! 

Decided to use my camera screen instead to look at it without frying my eyes, except my camera just saw it as a bright glow rather than making out the crescent shape. As it reached 90% coverage, a cloud decided to cover the whole thing.


Better luck next time maybe? 

This goal for me is achieved, but I will be adding another of seeing a total solar eclipse, as this one was only 90%





patriciahoffman patriciahoffman

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I was on classes in my university. It was spring. It was warm, sunny and a bit windy outside. Suddenly everyone ran outside or to the windows. I went as well.

Someone gave me a a floppy disk. I watched that eclipse through it. It was breathtaking!

meldav0113 meldav0113

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 It was a super moon solar eclipse!  I've never seen anything like it!

Kahvinporo Kahvinporo

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Not sure about the date, but it happened sometime during spring 2015.

Dreameuse Dreameuse

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cateym1 cateym1

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Seen with my Canon Camera with Scott Valentine Not just one eclipse, but two, a regular eclipse in March, then blood moon eclipse in April

alinakatharina alinakatharina

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The solar eclipse was on 20 March 2015. I was in school when it happend and we looked at it in our business class. It was actually nothing special, but I can say that I saw it which is cool, and the next one should be in about 80 years so who knows if I'll get to see it.


jessparkesx jessparkesx

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Isnt the best photo but witnessed an eclipse with Nicola and Chelsea March 2015 

H22doyle@gmail.com H22doyle@gmail.com

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Friday 30th March 2015, 9:25am.  

Amazing to see. :) 


cyracaparaz22 cyracaparaz22

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 so beautiful omg

Ikaria Ikaria

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I was awake till 5 in the morning, had a two hours sleep and went to school.. It was worth it, tho. I managed to get a picture of the partial eclipse!

bea_ssi bea_ssi

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The first solar eclipse I've witnessed ever in my 18 years of existence! So fascinating! But the sun rays were really hurtful in the eyes. :<


Applemarie Applemarie

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Partial Solar eclipse

tiaraamany tiaraamany

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I have always wanted to see an eclipse happening. I managed to witnessed it twice and it was an amazing experience


nareen nareen

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8:11pm - 9:23pm




it was cool but really disappointing it was supposed to be the super blood moon, i went to the park with my family, it was hardly big at all and just a little red! i'll cut some slack because it was foggy that night but still, i expect better.

confusering confusering

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My friends and I went to the library at 6 a.m. to wait in line for the special eclipse glasses ! We ended up getting donuts and playing the ukulele while we waited. Ironically I fell asleep during most of the eclipse, but I still saw it !

katy_everett katy_everett

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Persuaded our drama teacher to let us out of class to see it which was incredible and I will never forget it.


wavylypz wavylypz

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 the shadow crescents were so beautiful!

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