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This happened on my BDAY!! absolutely amazing experience, everything gets chilly and sort of dark. I didnt witness the full eclipse but what i did see was pretty incredible. :)  

wtekanawa wtekanawa

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It was a lunar Eclipse, Blood red moon in Auckland


JessicaElizabeth JessicaElizabeth

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 I only found out about this one day before it happened, so I didn't have the chance to get eclipse glasses! 

Decided to use my camera screen instead to look at it without frying my eyes, except my camera just saw it as a bright glow rather than making out the crescent shape. As it reached 90% coverage, a cloud decided to cover the whole thing.


Better luck next time maybe? 

This goal for me is achieved, but I will be adding another of seeing a total solar eclipse, as this one was only 90%





missmart missmart

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I was on classes in my university. It was spring. It was warm, sunny and a bit windy outside. Suddenly everyone ran outside or to the windows. I went as well.

Someone gave me a a floppy disk. I watched that eclipse through it. It was breathtaking!

bogdan.borungel bogdan.borungel

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I was quite young so I don't remember all that well, it was the total solar eclipse in 2000 in Europe. From what I remember it was quite a sight and alot of excitment comming up to the event. Would love to see it again someday, maybe while standing on a deserted beach.


ElinLouise ElinLouise

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 Watched the red lunar eclipse with my dad. We got up in the middle of the night and walked to a nearby clearing by a forest and watched it, it was the best possible weather for it and it was really cool and beautiful.

Jo144 Jo144

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Witnessed this many times,  although the last time was very dissapointing as my I.C.T teacher made up cooped up on computers instead of watching it :(


SophieBurgess SophieBurgess

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Partial Eclipse, England 20th March 2015


Mel@niecom Mel@niecom

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  I had a great time with my 10 year-old son he could've cared less if he was out there but we laughed a lot. 

sarahlassx1 sarahlassx1

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Witnessed a full eclipse when I was younger and a partial one in 2015! 


Anders_eskini Anders_eskini

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A partial eclipse !!! Felt great to be a scientist that day :)


Clarissa_hays Clarissa_hays

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Pretty awesome to see in a life time did it with my friend jonna

bea_ssi bea_ssi

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The first solar eclipse I've witnessed ever in my 18 years of existence! So fascinating! But the sun rays were really hurtful in the eyes. :<


Milou Milou

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An experience! Not often repeated of course... 


scarlettlily18 scarlettlily18

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 I was in North Carolina for the eclipse on August 21, 2017. It was VERY cool and I recommend watching it again in 2024. 

KittyTheMoose KittyTheMoose

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I was in school when it happened but everyone went outside and it was awesome! There was enought cloud cover so that you could look directly at it and not be blinded but still see it perfectly!


Ikaria Ikaria

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I was awake till 5 in the morning, had a two hours sleep and went to school.. It was worth it, tho. I managed to get a picture of the partial eclipse!

cateym1 cateym1

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Seen with my Canon Camera with Scott Valentine Not just one eclipse, but two, a regular eclipse in March, then blood moon eclipse in April

Kahvinporo Kahvinporo

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Not sure about the date, but it happened sometime during spring 2015.

alinakatharina alinakatharina

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The solar eclipse was on 20 March 2015. I was in school when it happend and we looked at it in our business class. It was actually nothing special, but I can say that I saw it which is cool, and the next one should be in about 80 years so who knows if I'll get to see it.


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