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elfen elfen

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3 times in the UK :)

kirstenholmes98 kirstenholmes98

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After completing my ski instructor qualification I then did six weeks of teaching afterwards. I got to meet lots of new people and work with a different group of  young people each week. It was definitely interesting and something I plan on doing for many seasons to come, even if I don;t go back to Italy 

Pickles Pickles

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In the mid 90's I worked at an 18-35 yrs party resort, Based in Kuta Bali. My role was to encourage our guests to enjoy themselves and to spend time at the resort, so every night I would throw a different party, or we would have a band play. There was many themed nights and most things revolved around lots of drinking. We had dress up nights, karaoke, drinking games, bands, pool parties dance competions. The night that stood out the most for me was during Nyepi Day (Day of Silence ) which has the Island of Bali shut down. There is no power and just about everything is closed. As we were a pretty large resort I was able to hook up some music although we kept the noise to a minimum and we had all lights off except a few candles around the swim up pool bar. The drinks were flowing and pretty soon about 200 guests were swimming, dancing and having a great time NAKED. It was an outrageous night and one that i wont forget. There are no known photos from that night fortunately


moniqua_91 moniqua_91

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Worked in Baden, Switzerland for 16-months as an Engineering intern.


kann.sajulga kann.sajulga

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yep, Doha <3


bingevil bingevil

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Lived and Worked in Vietnam for 6 years. 2007-2013!

Kiork Kiork

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Practical exchange 2016, Jersey

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I worked in a day care centre in China for 3 months as apart of my diploma, loved it.

angus.addlesee angus.addlesee

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Worked in Malta for 3 months!


alrexlobitz alrexlobitz

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Worked as a company nurse at Doha, Qatar!


schmidtova.v schmidtova.v

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Worked as a waitress in a lovely bar in Symi. It was an exhausting but valuable experience on one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Planning to come back one day for vacation :)

Juve Juve

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Working for Vueling airlines on the English line!

nina.arnold nina.arnold

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 Had so much fun past summer working in Italy with Sounds Good Animation - 


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Work in Norway pays, that's all I have to say.


Marita.Maumachi Marita.Maumachi

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Get new experience. Good one. Everywhere you can learn something different. For sure I'll check other country! :)

emilia.lecouna emilia.lecouna

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La mejor anecdota de mi trabajk en Oasis, local de ropa de Dublin, fue el día de mi cumpleaños (2015) cuando mis comoañeras me sorprendieron con una torta y una tarjeta. En ese momento fui muy feliz :)

wherethehellisvaldoo wherethehellisvaldoo

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Was working in a camp with disabled people as a camp counsellor. Definately one of the most interesting and fun summer in all my life so far.


aniap aniap

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Hard work with great people :) 

Martinezblue Martinezblue

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I have had the opportunity to work in 4 different countries so far..... Scotland, Canada, Mexico and the USA.  

megy.misa megy.misa

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I worked as an au pair for 3 years and then in a nursery int he UK.


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