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TheKoreanKid TheKoreanKid

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Wrote a full-length screenplay in 2006. It'd make a terrible film, honestly, but I think it's funny as hell.

dirtywings dirtywings

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My mother is a professional writer, and I've always had a bit of it in me too. She used to go down to this silent spiritual retreat every so often-- it was meant to be a religious experience, but she just used it as a writer's retreat. One weekend, we went down together. There was no speaking permitted. Healthy food was served in absolute silence. We were next to a beautiful lake. I sat up in my room in peace, watching otters swim, and wrote an entire screenplay in one weekend. 

To be honest, it wasn't very good. Probably the poorest thing I've ever written. But I was all excited about it after I'd written it, so I put an ad up on Kijiji saying that I was making a movie, asking for people who wanted to participate in it for a portfolio boost and no money. To my immense shock, I actually received more than 100 replies! I found myself with an entire (talented!) cast and a crew comprised of photographers, set designers, editors, and so on. Long story short, our schedules were very different. We met up a few times at diners and coffee shops to read lines and discuss the whole thing, but eventually, it kind of fizzled. It was still a great experience though, and I made some lasting friendships out of it, too! 

Nernie89 Nernie89

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Well I completed this because of University, was one of my assesments. I also completed it a week in advance, Boom, another goal marked complete from my bucket list. 

AKane88 AKane88

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'Change' - short film.

jade.sibbons jade.sibbons

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Completed my very own movie screenplay. Took me 2 months. Was really fun

aravindhsachidanandam aravindhsachidanandam

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Psycological Thriller/ Horror


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