Write myself a letter seal it and read it 10 years later

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chrishoe88 chrishoe88

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 I will open it and read it again 10 years later. I wish I become the better person when I open it. See you 10 years later

102392 102392

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To see the change in myself and to set reminders

Brilliant_Disguise Brilliant_Disguise

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Can't wait!


BillBarton BillBarton

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I have written the letter and stored it away safe, to be opened in 2026! 

elusby elusby

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I did this too years ago for my 8th grade english class as an assignment. Our teacher promised he would return our letters to us when we graduated from high school. 

kaylablossom kaylablossom

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Havent read it yet but I have wrote it and looking forward to read it in 10 years 


hellerzilla hellerzilla

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What a great experience! I learned alot about myself and came to a standpoint of what I wanted to do with my life. I highly reccomend doing this! Really helpful! 

SavedByHim SavedByHim

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It was awesome to see what I was like in the past, from a primary source. I was 15 when I read it. So yeah, I was five when I wrote it.


dolhascudiana dolhascudiana

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Liberating, feeling more optimistic about the future and a bit more relieved, realizing you don't have to take care of everything - future you can handle some of that pressure too :)


hawtchicksa hawtchicksa

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 I used the website http://www.futureme.org to email a letter to myself in the future. It was a fun experience to write a letter to myself, but challenging because what do you really say? The person I am now will obviously be someone completely different in 10 years time as people are always changing. I decided to remind myself who and what I was at this point in my life. I

suli.sari suli.sari

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I turned 30 so I wrote myself a letter what I wish for myself for the next 10 years. It's gonna be interesting to read.

sguthreau sguthreau

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 I have written my letter. It has been an amazing experience because it allowed me to learn more about myself and what and/or who is important to me. It showed me what is really important in life and helped me focus on taking action to reach my life goals. Can't wait to read it in 10 years and see where I'm at.

alaaabdalla1 alaaabdalla1

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Last night was watching dirty 30, and was inspired to write it


gaspardealba gaspardealba

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hareandcrow hareandcrow

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 Really nice experience! Wrote about what I wanted for the future as well as what is happening now!

Can't read it till I'm 29!

kimberley.a.boyce kimberley.a.boyce

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Bittersweet. I did this with a friend, and we are no longer friends. But I still have her letter (since we sealed them together) xx

rishi.edu rishi.edu

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 Well I have written it and now I am waiting to grow old. LOL.Waiting to get old to read and realize how much things would change, opportunities I would seize, mistakes I would make, list of amazing friends and so on.

Lets see what story gets unfold on 13.05.2024 and how do I feel at that moment looking back to the past 10 years of my life.

Janneruszkowski Janneruszkowski

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 I found it hard to write about who or where I want to be in 10 years. It is interesting to think about who and what is important in your life right know, and how you want to see that develop in the future. 

liannurd liannurd

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 Been there, done that. It's really weird.

emily.chamberlin.56 emily.chamberlin.56

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We did this in Kindergarten  and were given them senior year. I want to do it again on my 20th birthday. 

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