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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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Did the zipline in Otway, South Australia. It´s amazingly beautiful in the rainforest. The zipline isn´t the most exciting thing I´ve done in my life but it´s a lot of fun! And we mainly did it for the nature experience!

Lexy Wrightson Lexy Wrightson

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if you are in scotland,  go to GoApe in Aberfoyle, it was great fun. no photos of actual zip-lining though.


jeccaree jeccaree

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2 March 2014 - I did my first ziplining this year - over 2 miles in 14 zips in Monteverde, Costa Rica. They were high and they were fast and included a rappel drop, tarzan swing and a superman-style zipline 580 feet above the canyon. It was scary, but SO much fun. 

ynadeluna ynadeluna

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Sobrang saya and intense na feeling ko anytime mahuhulog ako pero ang sarap lumipad!!!!! plus ang ganda pa ng view.

rocioe23 rocioe23

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Fraterlucis Fraterlucis

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 Never thought I'd be the one to go on one of these, but it was huge fun. I highly recommend it to anyone. 

steven_succar steven_succar

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for a kid it was everything i can ever ask for


recently its becoming less and less fun  

nathdchristine nathdchristine

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  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Dancooke92 Dancooke92

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Done this one all of my life, but this picture is from a youth group retreat in October of 2008.

dancingwithsuz dancingwithsuz

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Our friend Red from Tavares who used to dance with us at Rodeo works summers up in Alaska and invited us to come zipline where he takes photos!  It was scary, but after I figured out to close my eyes and tell myself "suck it up buttercup" I was able to leave the platforms without being pushed!


magnific3nt magnific3nt

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 Did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

lilnliving lilnliving

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Went with my daughter for my birthday. We had a lot of fun!

dalilalimon dalilalimon

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It was so much fun!! A perfect experience! :)


jim.gray.146 jim.gray.146

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This was a blast. Mainly because we did it with some good friends.

jenniferlee_23 jenniferlee_23

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 It was amazing!! 

KaylaJohnson KaylaJohnson

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As the ropes course instructor I got to ride the zip line weekly and loved it!

karin.sandberg.82 karin.sandberg.82

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In northen Sweden; Åre

hindsoluman hindsoluman

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طبعًا بيوم واحد نوفمبر ببداية هالشهر الجميل رحنا سكاي تريكس ب لنكاوي وكان هو مشوارنا قبل السفر..المهم اننا ركبناها وكانت زي المغامرات تسلق للشجر مشي على أكسات على ارتفاع عالي جدًا و زيبلاين كان شي ممتع جدًا حقيقي ... وماانسى موقف لا لا لا هههههههههههه ... 

بهاليوم بسبب استمتعنا الكبير باللعب لمدة ساعتين وبعدها تمشيتنا قريب من السكاي بريدج راحت علينا الرحله ههههههههههههههه

Jessierae Jessierae

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Had a great time!  Took 5 of my friends, Crystal and Steve Breedlove, Julia Robinson, Ric Yaple and Seth Pawli!  Couldn't have asked for a better day!

denni.cerapion denni.cerapion

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First with Love :)

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