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wickedmuffin wickedmuffin

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Did the zipline in Otway, South Australia. It´s amazingly beautiful in the rainforest. The zipline isn´t the most exciting thing I´ve done in my life but it´s a lot of fun! And we mainly did it for the nature experience!

lizhuang lizhuang

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The Tsitsikamma National Park covers an 80 kilometres (50 miles) long stretch of coastline, and ziplining above indigenous faura and 700 year-old Outeniqua Yellowwood trees was a real treat! Think Tarzan-style swings, high speed zipping from platform to platform over 4 hours, now that's serious jungle fun ;)

KayJayLang KayJayLang

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Went with mom, dad, Tate, and Beau.


0826888900 0826888900

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Tas Zaid n Me!

dane.birch90 dane.birch90

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 I done a 12 mile Zip wire across the Jungle roof top in Rivera Maya Mexico

Jessierae Jessierae

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Had a great time!  Took 5 of my friends, Crystal and Steve Breedlove, Julia Robinson, Ric Yaple and Seth Pawli!  Couldn't have asked for a better day!

Lexy Wrightson Lexy Wrightson

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if you are in scotland,  go to GoApe in Aberfoyle, it was great fun. no photos of actual zip-lining though.


Kinga Kinga

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 We were 700 m up high! :)

hardlymorethanever hardlymorethanever

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Ziplining with Canopy Tours Rotorua []

So proud of me! Took the idea, made the plan and put it into place. 

Traveled to Rotorua to knock this one off with Canopy Tours and so pleased I did. 

I'd actually like to do it again - and think I will :) 



mangomarsh mangomarsh

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I'd always wanted to ride on a zipline, I went done this one made of wood and rope like five times, but I don't know how much that counts. I finished this one at Wolf Ridge, on the ropes course. It was really fun, I would like to do it again on a longer zipline. Date of completion is an approximation.


Fraterlucis Fraterlucis

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 Never thought I'd be the one to go on one of these, but it was huge fun. I highly recommend it to anyone. 

ynadeluna ynadeluna

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Sobrang saya and intense na feeling ko anytime mahuhulog ako pero ang sarap lumipad!!!!! plus ang ganda pa ng view.

agudino1 agudino1

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12 Ziplines and gorgeous men helping us along the way it was completely breathtaking!


nathdchristine nathdchristine

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  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

stephcanzano stephcanzano

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WWP Alumni event- Alex and Jenny Guzman

Flight Linez


1512 Industrial Rd.


Boulder City, NV 89005





irenemarie59 irenemarie59

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Went to five oaks adventure park in Sevierville Tn and did the 7 lines.. and then went horseback riding. It is a package deal.. was awesome!

jeccaree jeccaree

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2 March 2014 - I did my first ziplining this year - over 2 miles in 14 zips in Monteverde, Costa Rica. They were high and they were fast and included a rappel drop, tarzan swing and a superman-style zipline 580 feet above the canyon. It was scary, but SO much fun. 

rocioe23 rocioe23

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marizegrgr marizegrgr

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Our family, with our relatives went on a vacation in Tagaytay, one of the tourist spots here in the Philippines. So while we were there, my sisters, cousins, and I did not let the opportunity pass to go zipline. Weee! :D

HeatherHawks HeatherHawks

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I went ziplining at a small park in FL for my little sister's birthday. It was so much fun!





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