Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bucketlist?

Bucketlist is the largest community of dreams, ambitions and achievements on the web. Use Bucketlist as a place to create, discover, and accomplish your life goals. With 180,000+ members, 400,000+ accomplished bucket list goals and 2.8 million+ bucket list ideas.

How do I make my own bucket list?

  1. Making a bucket list is easy. First create an account either by signing up with your email or your facebook, twitter or google plus account.
  2. Select your interests
  3. Add goals you hope to achieve (add), or bucket list iteams you've already accomplished (done).

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Can I add goals I've already accomplished?

There's no reason why you shouldn't add already-accomplished goals to your list. Either by marking goals you discover as "done" or by adding goals you've achieved and including the epic story to tell.

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Setting up your profile / getting an avatar

Having a completed profile is important to enjoy the entire bucket list experience. Things to include in your Bucketlist profile:

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Location so we can suggest bucket list ideas near you
  3. A quick bio
  4. Your interests

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What does 'add' and 'like' mean?

Add simply means to include an idea on your own bucket list.
Like is a way of showing your support to others achieving the goal. Simply you like the idea.

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How do I follow my friends?

Following friends is a fun and inspirational way to build up your bucket list community. Find you friends by searching for them in our search bar, or invite them to the community using the button on the right-hand side.

Once you've found your friends click follow to see their bucket list progress through your activity feed.

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How do I mark goals as private?

Sometimes there are bucket list goals that are personal. If that’s the case, simply mark your goals as private so only you can see them. When adding a goal, click the lock icon to mark your goals as private.

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Arranging your bucket list

To arrange your bucket list, go to your Bucketlist profile and click menu. Select reorder. From there you’ll be able to rearrange your bucket list by dragging and dropping how you want to you list to look.

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How to change your update settings

When you're logged in, on the to right corner beside "Add a Goal" you will see your username. Click on it and then click settings. From here you'll be able to choose how Bucketlist will notify you.
** Note at this time, we do not have the ability to change your username**

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Inappropriate content policy and procedure

It's simple: No pornography, no bullying, and no violence will be tolerated on Bucketlist. Inappropriate content will be flagged and removed. Violators will be banned from the site. Read our full Terms of Use

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Changing your password

You can change your password by clicking the link at the bottom of your profile-editing page.

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Can I delete my bucketlist?

Some users want to delete their account because they're surprised to see their real name on the site. If this pertains to you, remember you can simply disable the showing of your real name in your Profile Editor to display your username.

If you still feel the need to delete your list, you'll find the Delete Account button in your Profile Editor.

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