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 From: 2001 Things to Do Before You Die

  The book only mentions to witness a death but I don't want to see something that is violent or painful for we once had a little long-hair doxie who ended up dying from cancer when I was a junior in high school. Although I didn't see the end I remember the hateful feeling of watching her spasm in pain, biting her tongue repeatedly, having possibly no idea of the environment around her and losing control of her bladder. I remember it so well since I was begging my adoptive mom and stepdad to let her die in peace by breaking her neck instead of being so helpless in watching this agony continue.

 I wouldn't mind, though, seeing someone who has reached the end of their life just peacefully close their eyes and letting go of the spirit. That would be far more acceptable to watch than pain-filled despair.  **Update**

 On Sept 13, 2019 my husband made a quick trip to the store. On his way back he found a dragonfly outside our apartment and wasn't quite sure whether it was alive or not so he brought it in hoping that maybe like the bee a few months ago there may be something we could do.

 As I looked at the dragonfly it was rather a pretty big one than those I have had the pleasure of meeting earlier and knowing that the green darners are migrating I put my thoughts that it was probably a green darner while seeming to be female. Anyway we had to first figure out whether this poor insect was alive first of all. And suprisingly she was although her movements were only spastic at best.

 While I tried to hold her near to warm her up I did what we had done with the bee, which was to try to find any information online that may help. Unlike the bee, though, I couldn't find any suggestions for dragonfly first aid. So my next step would be to leave a post in my FB group Dragonflies, Butterflies and Cool Bugs to see if there were any suggestions.

 As my hubbie was suppose to work the next day I sent him to bed and chose to stay up with the dragonfly. A few more times she would move her abdomen to curl around, an occasional wing flicker or a leg stretch. Unfortunately she didn't make it to dawn but passed away. And although I don't know what was going through her head, what she may have been thinking or even if she could feel what was going on I would love to think her death was a peace to her as she was in where there was light and warm while no other predators would find her to make a final meal even as she was losing grip.

 We enjoyed the little time spent with her and most definitely took the time to marvel as such a beautiful yet alien creature to us. Dragonflies are truly a marvel as well as still one of my faves in the insect world.

 Later on one of the group followers did post an interesting link that I will save for possible other dragonfly situations if we should come upon another one.  https://theyogalunchbox.co.nz/how-to-bring-a-dragonfly-back-to-life/?fbclid=IwAR1vgRZ-tJTtZcoXgFBMVWp4DOHKqtVwr0RUE0DYoEapMKAsxTBB_NF5b5I

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