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  Although we may seem like we are too old to have stuffies my husband and I have our own little family that keeps on growing. They not provided us with companions when we needed them the most in our most lonely days but they also represent something for both of us while still providing comfort when our significant other is not around.    1. Dino - This blue tailless dinosaur is our first love-"child" and represents our first pet together, which were dinoflagellates.  2. A-oh - This big basset hound is my husband's first stuffie after he was adopted by his family and who has taken on the name of how he used to pronounce hello. He is now the big brother of our little family.  3. Matumaini (Hope) - This African wild dog was one of mine that was a remembrance of the Topeka zoo when I visited there with my RS sisters. She is one of the oldest of my stuffies thus acts as the bigger sister of the family.  4. Kotick - Another one of our love children who represents our engaged relationship when we were looking forward to becoming an actual family  5. Buttercup 2 - Technically the first Buttercup was my oldest remaining stuffie and one that I made real according to "The Velveteen Rabbit". Not only was she there for me but she was also there when my sisters needed her thus her double is a reminder of that important little purring cat in my life.  6. Sherman - He was supposed to be one of mine but I didn't even know that I had him since my adoptive father and stepmother never gave him to me when I was graduating. It was just recently that my sister returned from a CO trip with him for me that I only knew about his existence thus Cody took over him in naming and bringing him into the family.  7. Crash - This black little greyhound is a token to our visit to the Abilene Greyhound Hall of Fame with my new husband and my brother. As a result he has a cousin named Bandit who lives in VA.  8. Roam - This beanie bison is our newest member as he came from the Plumlee ranch in Alma. This was our first married trip together as a couple.  9. Rose - A few years ago I was having some problems around Valentine's so chose to treat myself. Rose was part of the gift while is named for Stephen King's "Rose Madder", which helped me to get over a relationship I was having problems with in 2010.  10. Kennedy - This lovable and gangly sock moose was a gift from my VA nNana who has unfortunately passed away. Since her hands were used to mak the antlers he is very special to me.

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