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  • Biological Sex: Female
  • Gender Expression: Androgynous
  • Gender Identity: Cisgender FAB (Female Assigned At Birth)
  • Sexual Orientation: Heteroromantic
  • Orientation Type: 0 - Attracted exclusively to a gender(s) different than one's own
  • Attraction Type: Secondary Sexuality - Romantic, platonic & aesthetic attraction are established easy. Sexual attraction develops over the couse of relationshihps but not immediately
  • Relationship Type: Strictly Monogamist

 For my last year of school in 2004-05 I found myself in a new high school, in a new city and with people that I didn't know. As a result I was kind of lost socially-wise when I started my classes for that year.

 Anyway I was sitting with a guy from my government class and talking to him when he asked me something. I am not quite sure what it was at this point but the next thing that I know is that I found him getting up and going over to a table next to us to talk to a very masculine seeming girl. He told her that I liked her and that started off a very weird school year of dating.

 Up until then I had had only ever dated guys and hadn't even been remotely interested in girls attraction-wise. So this was a new experience to me and although I never really felt head-over-heels with this girl I stuck it out.

 Looking back I know that I was more selfish than honest with my feelings. Out of this whole school of about 1,718 students she was the only one who reached out to me as a friend during that year. At the same time her sexual orientation and her skin color were things that helped me to agitate my dad as I tested boundaries to find out where I stood as an adult.

 But in the end once school started to end and I found myself on another unforeseeable life path different than the one I had been on the relationship basically ended abruptly. Once I left school I hadn't seen or heard from her again nor have I ever gone back to dating anyone that wasn't male.

 Some parts of my sexuality have definitely not changed over time such as I have always been quite monogamous in my relationships and even though I have been a tomboy at heart I have always known that I was female. But what has changed, though, is that now there are terms and labels for every little bit of sexuality while I am not sure I like that but who is to say what is right or wrong.

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