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 First of all this is not my picture but I am keeping it since I don't like to tie work and the web together. Also I like the little message I get from the fish.

 This goal was something that I posted from a bucketlist book. Although all the jobs I have had been temporary in my mind I am loyal to them while I last there and enjoy each opportunity to grow, to learn new skills and to get to know people. But so far they haven't been jobs that made me happy enough to forget that I am working.

 At this point in my life though I was terminated a few months ago along with my husband due to past problems with an old manager and the job downsizing its salary workers. The look has been hard in a college town and continues to be so with season coming up. He got a good paying job while I can't seem to impress everyone.

 Finally after the boredom of staying home has gotten to me I have been offered a job. It is one that I was trying to avoid on getting while the pay isn't going to be as much as I have gotten in the past before but I do get to go back to FT, which I am thankful for. And at least I can also contribute back to the finances of our family.


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